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Featuring: Brett McFall Interviewing Trevor Crook

World Internet Expert Series [eBook] Featuring: Brett McFall Interviewing Trevor Crook

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"How To Promote Your Business For Under $500"

Brett McFall Interviewing Trevor Crook  "How To Promote Your Business

Who Is Trevor Crook and Why Does This Hard Hitting, No B.S. Copywriter from 'Down Under' Know So Many Easy Ways To Explode Your Sales For Under $500 - That Will Leave the Armani Suited Advertising Executives Scratching Their Heads In Disbelief . . . Praying Their Own Customers NEVER Discover His Secrets?

Trevor Crook

Dear Friend,

If you have ever wanted to discover how to generate more sales by slashing your advertising and marketing budget, by using amazingly simple strategies that can leave your competitors feeling like they're a one legged duck swimming in a crocodile infested creek, without the 'crocodile hunter' in site to rescue them . . . then sit back, relax, turn off your cell phone and study this letter. It's that important.

Here's why . . .

When you have interviewed over 5,000 business owners from over 200 industries like internet marketer and copywriter Trevor Crook has, pulling their businesses apart & putting them back together again . . . you instantly gain a wealth of knowledge.

In this frank interview and in true Trevor Crook style, he doesn't pull any punches about what it takes to promote your business for under $500.

He rattles of killer strategy, one after the other in such rapid succession . . . it's like a machine gun going off at a firing squad . . . delivering to you the secret weapons you need to explode your business - FAST!

Let's Take A look At What You'll Discover:

How one of Trevor's customers slashed his marketing costs from $4,000 to $300 using just one of his strategies. Model this for your own business and profit.

  • Discover the very first thing every business owner and internet marketer MUST know before they spend one penny on ANY marketing campaign. No exceptions.

  • How to split test any advertising campaign including offline and online businesses which means you'll not only slash your costs . . . but you can explode your sales and profits sooner.

  • Revealed: Testing and measuring made easy. You may have heard of this already . . . but I guarantee you've NEVER had it explained in such simple, paint-by-numbers way so that a 4 year old would understand it.  How much could this one fact alone be worth to you?

  • The one thing that at least 98.9% of business owners and internet marketers fail to understand about advertising which is their biggest mistake. Correct this one and you could be laughing all the way to the bank very soon.

  • Discover how world class copywriter, Brett McFall, made one simple change to a yellow pages advert for a customer, which exploded sales by a whopping 3,148%, giving him no choice but to sell off half of his business because he couldn't cope with the demand. Wouldn't you like to have that problem to deal with?

  • How to wake up the advertising genius inside you which means before you know it . . . you could be getting 3 to 4 times the response you were previously getting.

  • How to give away your product or service for FREE and profit.

  • Discover how Trevor wrote a simple one page fax letter for a customer which generated approx. $200,000 in sales after sending 11,000 faxes at a cost of just 15 cents each fax (total cost $1,650). He even reveals the fax company's details so that you can fax just about anywhere in the world for minimum cost, as long as it's legal to do so in the country you are targeting.

    Please make your own investigations.

  • The killer secret that breaks all the rules of copywriting that Trevor is using to explode sales for himself and his customers. The first time he tested this one, he generated sales of $8,800 for a cost of only $200 without offering anything for sale.

  • What F.I.G.J.A.M. marketing is and why you need to avoid this strategy like the plague.

  • REVEALED: Why everybody is not your client and why this type of thinking really is a load of bull. You should never be afraid to sack a customer and send them home with their tail between their legs like some flea-bitten dog who's just ripped your best set of sheets to pieces.

  • Discover why branding is crap! Don't be fooled by advertising salespeople ever again  . . . unless you enjoy throwing good money down the drain.

  • Discover the proven system a painter used to generate over $1.5 million each year in sales . . . spending just $330 per week on advertising, even though his sales copy was poorly written. Imagine what he could do with kick ass sales copy?

  • Why percentage response rates in any advertising, regardless of whether you do offline or online promoting . . . are simply not that important. Start focusing on the real issue today and see your profits soar higher than an eagle.

  • REVEALED: How to buy newspaper advertising space at a fraction of the normal rates which means you slash your costs per leads and costs per sale dramatically. The pro's use this one all the time!

  • How to pick the right day of the week to run a newspaper advert and how to choose the correct section which means more responses, potentially more sales, without increasing your costs.

  • How to use Pay Per Click Ads to attract hot, targeted prospects, paying no more than 5c to 7cents per click . . . either for an online or offline business, even if you don't own a website and even if you're a local pie shop to make money.

  • How to use the cash generating power of email to generate sales at ZERO cost to you and the proven steps which you must follow to achieve success.

  • How to find out what your customers are searching for, how many times it's been search for . . . without you spending a penny which means you can be pre-armed & dangerous about what your target market wants to buy . . . before risking your hard earned money.

  • How to use someone else's customer list to generate sales & profits using joint venture partners. Trevor reveals how he mailed 300 letter, spent just $300 and pulled in sales of $5,955. This was in less than 10 days.

  • The one question that copywriter Brett McFall, rates as as his favourite . . . that EVERY business owner and internet entrepreneur would be crazy fool to ignore.

  • The wrong way and the right way to get FREE Publicity  for your business.
    Follow these examples if you want to gain maximum exposure at ZERO cost.

  • Discover why many of today's killer advertising strategies have been around since the 1920's and 1930's and why you have such a distinct advantage over the early pioneers of advertising. Start researching them today if you are serious about your success.

And so much more!

Your 100% Unconditional 'Toast Me Or
Roast Me'
Money Back Guarantee

I know you've probably read a lot of information in the past about advertising . . . but I doubt you'll ever find anything that delivers so much value for so little money.

So, in case you still have some lingering doubts, this is what I'm prepared to do for you.

Go through the book for the next 90 days, put it to the test.

If you are not 100% completely happy, if you are not 100% convinced that this is e-book delivers everything it says it will . . . then I want you to roast me like a pig on a spit and ask for a full, 100% refund, because I would be too embarrassed to keep your money.

There will be no hassles - No fine print.

Either you are 100% happy or you are 100% happy . . . and I want you to keep the book as an apology and for wasting your valuable time.

Is that a fair deal for an investment of $14.97?

I can't be any fairer than that.

You have ZERO risk.

Now It's YOUR Turn

Your decision should be simple.

There's at least 24 killer strategies that you can use to promote your business for under $500. Now even if you only valued each one at a just $5 bucks . . . then this e-book has got to be worth at least $120.

So . . . do yourself a favour and get your copy of "How  To Promote Your Business For Under $500" . . . before your competitors do.

Exclusive interview with:
Brett McFall & Trevor Crook

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World Internet Summit Expert [ebook] Series

Featuring: Brett McFall [Interviewing] Trevor Crook

"How To Promote Your Business For Under $500"