World Internet Summit
Expert Series

Featuring: Marlon Sanders, Kirt Christensen, Jennie Armato,
Johan Mok, Mike Stewart, Trevor Crook, Alan Forrest Smith,
Brett McFall, Tom Hua and Ted Ciuba

World Internet Expert Series [eBook] Featuring: Marlon Sanders, Kirt Christensen, Jennie Armato, Johan Mok, Mike Stewart, Trevor Crook, Alan Forrest Smith, Brett McFall, Tom Hua and Ted Ciuba

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A "killer" coming together of some of the hottest Internet Marketing Experts in the World

Marketing Experts: Marlon Sanders, Kirt Christensen, Jennie Armato, Johan Mok, Mike Stewart, Trevor Crook, Alan Forrest Smith, Brett McFall, Tom Hua and Ted Ciuba

"Ten Top Internet Marketers Have Just 7 Minutes Each To Reveal To You As Many Good, Solid, Instantly Actionable Money Making Strategies That YOU Can Use Today, Tonight, Tomorrow and For The Rest Of Your Time On The Internet"

Marlon Sanders, Kirt Christensen, Jennie Armato,
Johan Mok, Mike Stewart, Trevor Crook, Alan Forrest Smith,
Brett McFall, Tom Hua and Ted Ciuba

Dear Friend,

When you get 10 sharp minds together, each experts in their own right, handing such a potent cocktail of internet information to you on a silver platter you've got to ask yourself who in their right mind would be crazy enough to miss out on this?

Here's why . . .

Each Internet Marketer, whilst they have many things in common . . . they EACH have their own unique strategies to reveal to you about their online success.

There are literally thousands of ways to make money online, in fact internet expert, Stephen Pierce has previously identified at least 1500 hundred different ways.

The truth is, you only need a few.

As for which ones are right for you?

Well my friend, that's entirely your decision.

There's at least 38 nuggets of pure platinum revealed in this amazing e-book . . . just waiting for you to absorb, implement and take massive action on.

Let's Take A look At What These Top Ten Reveal:

Trevor Crook:

  • Discover how copywriter, Trevor Crook went from an Internet Dummy, who hadn't even made one sale online, didn't now what FrontPage was, hadn't heard of pay per clicks, affiliate programs, click bank or too much of anything really . . . to an Internet Ace in just 12 months using his simple plan for success.

  • Discover how mentioning his website generated $17,500 in income even though he wasn't selling a product or service on that site.

  • How to apply Trevor's G.O.Y.A. strategy to make money online in as little as 30 days.

  • Why you don't need to be an internet guru or a technician to start your own online business.

Marlon Sanders:

  • How to create big-ticket information products without killing yourself, without pulling your hair out and without feeling like you've just had a root canal which means it's NEVER been easier to generate a constant, ongoing stream of income.

  • REVEALED: Why you can't live off selling a $39 e-book forever.

  • Marlon's simple three step formula that anyone can follow to create as much money as they want to, online in the next 12 months. This one will blow you away it's that powerful.

  • How to avoid becoming a one hit wonder on the internet. Many times people create a product that's a huge hit and you never see then again. Don't you make the same mistake.

  • Discover why Marlon's got more tricks up his sleeve when it comes to internet marketing than a room full of magicians at a magic convention. The best part is . . . he spills his guts with so many, in such a short time, your head will be spinning. This is pure gold!

Johan Mok:

  • How to use joint ventures to climb your way to the top to achieve maximum profits in minimum time.

  • How someone with little talent, can come along, without their own product and catapult themselves to online success using other people's overlooked assets. Johan did this and he believes anyone can copy what he's done, once they understand.

  • REVEALED: How to shortcut your way to success using strategies that you won't find in any school, by reading any college textbook or in any manual.

Alan Forrest Smith:

  • Discover how this ex-hair dresser turned copywriter from Britain . . . uses the power of his website to generate a six-figure income with little effort.

  • Why FrontPage is the quickest and easiest way for even a complete novice to build their own website in less than a day.

  • How changing just one word to another on your website can increase your response . . . generating more sales and profits without increasing your costs.

  • Discover why manuals are really only good for holding a door open and why you should only ever use a manual if you get stuck.

Jennie Armato:

  • The two reasons why 95% of businesses fail to make money on the internet. 

  • Why you should avoid modelling off the big corporations institutional websites if you want to succeed online.

  • The three important steps you must do if you want start working from home in your pajama's. That's right you can let someone else fight the morning traffic jams . . . while you simply get out of bed and fire up your computer.

  • Discover why keywords are the key to your ultimate success on the internet.

Kirt Christensen:

  • The number one thing YOU need to change if you are going to succeed in your own online business. Get this one wrong and you may as well not even start!

  • Discover why lifestyle is more important than dollars and cents as a measuring stick to your success.

  • Why leverage is so critical to your internet business. Kirt explains this concept in such a simple way. Wouldn't you like to learn something once, learn a procedure, learn a technique once and then automate it so other people do it again and again for you, while you sit back and count the money?

Mike Stewart:

  • Discover why the combination of a great sales letter with a video infomercial on a website can increase your conversions.

  • Why the internet is simply a huge antenna which allows people to broadcast anything.

  • Mike reveals why audio broadcasting is something that EVERY internet marketer and information publisher should learn if they want to maximize sales and profits.

  • Discover what 'Pod Casting' is & how this phenomenon will revolutionize internet marketing . . . allowing people to listen to your content, your broadcasts, your tele-seminars, while in their cars or even jogging down the street.

Brett McFall:

  • How internet marketer and copywriter Brett McFall, created a product out of thin air, on a subject he knew absolutely nothing about and generates a solid income while he's sleeping.

  • Discover one of the BIGGEST areas where people struggle to make money online and how to avoid this costly mistake.

  • The first question you must ask yourself in order to make your headline appear before you, which means when you ask the right question, you can't help but get the right answer. Sounds simple enough . . . but most people get this one all wrong!

  • Brett reveals the TWO WORDS that help you solve people's problems, which you must do if you want to succeed in any business . . . either online or offline.

Ted Ciuba:

  • Why many people choose the wrong models when it comes to internet marketing. A complete recipe for failure.

  • REVEALED: What the greatest success selling book in history has to do with internet marketing.

  • What America's foremost internet marketing consultant, Ted Ciuba, has to say about; lifestyle, his biggest project and why building a profitable web business is like building a house.

Tom Hua:

  • How to use the principles of viral marketing to build your online business so that your business is solid for years to come.

  • Why you need to design your online business correctly at the very beginning . . . so that it can grow as time goes on which means an ongoing stream of cash flow.

  • Discover why most people fail with planning & why it's critical to learn techniques, learn knowledge and to do enough research so that your online business is running smoothly in two, three . . . even five years from now.

  • How to create a simple product, give it away for FREE . . . and then allow other people to give it away as well which means before you know it, people from all over the world could be coming back to your website looking for more products or services to buy from you . . . just like Tom Hua has done so successfully.

and so much more!

Your 100% Unconditional 'Toast Me Or
Roast Me'
Money Back Guarantee

I know you're probably thinking . . . how much can these people really reveal in just 7 minutes. It's like this, each internet marketer, conservative charges at least $750 for a one hour consultation, in fact many charge much more than that.

Collectively, to get these top ten together for an hour, would cost $7,500 and you and I both know that's not going to happen . . . but it's important for you to understand just how valuable this information can be too you.

Just in case you still have some lingering doubts, this is what I'm prepared to do for you.

Go through the book for the next 90 days,
put it to the test.

If you are not 100% completely happy, if your not 100% convinced that this is e-book delivers everything it says it will . . . then I want you to roast me like a pig on a spit and ask for a full, 100% refund, because I would be too embarrassed to keep your money.

There will be no hassles - No fine print.

Either you are 100% happy or you are 100% happy . . . and I want you to keep the book as an apology and for wasting your valuable time.

Is that a fair deal for an investment of $14.97?

I can't be any fairer than that.

You have ZERO risk.

Now It's YOUR Turn

Your decision should be simple.

Ask yourself this question:

"If you could place a bet on a horse that you were 100% guaranteed would win . . . you'd be crazy not to place that bet wouldn't you?

What you have here my entrepreneurial friend, is that horse and it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg to get your hands on it.

So . . . do yourself a favor and get your copy of "A Killer Coming Together Of Some Of The Hottest Internet Marketing Experts In The World" . . . so that you can begin TODAY!

Featuring: Marlon Sanders, Kirt Christensen, Jennie Armato,
Johan Mok, Mike Stewart, Trevor Crook, Alan Forrest Smith,
Brett McFall, Tom Hua and Ted Ciuba

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World Internet Summit Expert [ebook] Series

Featuring: Marlon Sanders, Kirt Christensen, Jennie Armato,
Johan Mok, Mike Stewart, Trevor Crook, Alan Forrest Smith,
Brett McFall, Tom Hua and Ted Ciuba

A "killer" coming together of some of the hottest
Internet Marketing Experts in the World