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We’d like to show you that Telemarketing works, so we’ll provide your business with a written Performance Guarantee that if your un-happy with our services at the end of your campaign ... we will REFUND you 25% of your campaign costs!

Don't Waste Your Time - Money and Emotions
Looking for Business the Hard Way!

Let our effective use of the telephone help your business.

Welcome to the Creative Concepts Telemarketing Homepage

Telemarketing is a cost effective, valuable part of our clubs marketing program. It's worked for us, and as we continue to use Creative Concepts Marketing I have no hesitation in endorsing there proven methods.

Kim: Our last telemarketing campaign generated 200+ NEW members and $197,000 in sales in 14 weeks.

Andrew Zorzit Director
Lean and Fit Health Clubs NSW [02] 96213777

  • We can provide your business with a powerful marketing tool for new client generation and client reactivation.
  • Our services provide you with a vehicle to get your offer in front of decision makers that traditional forms of advertisement can not reach.
  • We can update your existing database to make your advertising campaigns more effective and profitable.
  • Our services can be used to gather information and we can Pre-qualify your leads leaving your sales people to maximise their time and work smart.
  • Telemarketing allows you to focus your marketing campaign only on people who are your best possible prospects.
  • Telemarketing can allow your business's sales and customer service divisions to be open 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Telemarketing also allows you the freedom to leave your office, and not worry about how the phones are being handled.
  • Telemarketing should always be used to follow-up your direct mail campaign and can exponentially improve your (ROI) Return On Investment.

Planning Your Campaign:

How We Do It

  • We use a 'guided discussion' approach on your calls. No rigid scripts. No reading. Our team knows your program objective(s), and are tasked with achieving it by holding a conversation. Script reading is boring for the callers, and offensive to the person called.

  • The longevity of our callers, measured in years, not weeks, means they are very experienced and have staying power. Profit sharing and a friendly atmosphere where teamwork counts, will do that for people. And, their bonus is based on retaining you as a client.
  • We do a lot of "hand-holding" during your calling program. We know that things change as the program moves along. We assign a Team Leader (senior caller) to every client to stay in close touch with you, and make changes as required.
  • We turn away more business than we accept. If we do not believe the program will work, we do not accept the assignment. That does not mean they all do work out, but we will not take your money when our experience indicates the program is not for us. It's also a safe bet for you to re-think your plan if our experience says it won't work.

Types Of Clients:

Our typical client needs 10 to100 calling hours per month. They are all over Australia.

Frequently, a consultant, or the client's advertising agency, will represent them in working with us, and we follow their lead.

We're usually working with 3 to 4 clients at the same time, which provides us scheduling flexibility. Over the year, we will work with about 20 clients, providing us with considerable experience. Our clients come from just about every business we could imagine.

All our clients need help in setting up their program. That's OK, as part of our job is to make sure your program makes sense. We know that guiding you to use us effectively is crucial to our mutual success.


Our "All inclusive" Fee is $58 [Australian] per hour & is reducible to $42 per hr depending on the length of your promotion.

Our fee schedule is designed to encourage you to stay with us for an extended period. It is based on the number of calling hours you need.

The fee always goes down.
It never goes up.

There is a 10 hour minimum calling period.

Please see the F.A.Q's for further information.

For an obligation free chat with our representative please click this link to contact us with the nature of your inquiry. [when your finished - simply close the window to return to this page]

Our Mission Statement:

  • For our clients... the very best telemarketing services at an affordable price, and then going that "extra yard"
  • For our employees... a place where they enjoy coming to work. To foster a fun competitive atmosphere. Our employees should have a vested interest in the success of every client's program, and in the success of our company.

  • For our suppliers... a reasonable profit and a degree of loyalty in exchange for their products, services, and consideration of our needs.
  • For our community... active participation in business and community groups, giving back some time, money, and expertise to help others.

  • For the owners... a long term growth and profit plan enabling us to earn a reasonable living, and have some fun while we do it.

 Increase Your Business With These ...
10 Easy Telephone Tips

Our goal here is to describe using the telephone in a perfect world, which is totally unrealistic. However, since we all know that victories are usually won by small incremental differences between competitors, we suggest you try a few of these points in your business to gain the competitive advantage.

Implement one every month, and your success rate will increase.

1. Call your company and ask for yourself. Or have someone do it for you where you can listen in. Do it at 8:55 in the morning, or at 5:10 in the afternoon, during normal business hours, lunch hour, first thing Monday morning.

Do it - a few times a week.

2. Call your company, or have someone do it for you, as if you were a potential or active customer. Ask for information, ask for different departments, voice a complaint, leave a message asking for a call back, etc., all the reasons people call.

Do it - a few times a week.

3. Implement a policy so that all incoming calls are answered before the third ring. When its answered, say something meaningful and pleasant. Say it slowly so the caller can understand you.

Do it - every time the phone rings.

4. Take messages completely and accurately. See that the message gets to the intended person. Make sure someone gets back to the caller if the intended person cannot respond in a reasonable timeframe, especially while they are on vacation. Return all your calls within one business day, if not the same day.

Do it - on all messages taken.

5. If your company has a menu of options a caller goes through, listen very carefully to it. See if it makes sense, and is reasonable from their perspective. Listen to the greeting on your extension the way an incoming caller hears it. Make sure your message is reasonably accurate, especially when you are away from the office for an extended period.

Do it - when ever you call into your office.

6. Do not use a speaker phone unless you really need more than one person in on the conversation at your end. Speaker phones give the impression that you are doing something other than concentrating on the call, and they also make the caller think his/her call is not private. Further, you sound like you are taking a bath to the caller.

Do it - only when you must.

7. Call your new customer as soon as the first product is shipped, or service provided. Make sure they get some contact from you or someone you can count on. Call them when the first invoice goes out to make sure they, & their accounts payable department, can understand it.

Do it - for every new customer.

8. Call all your regular customers on a periodic basis, just to say hello, maybe tell them about a new offering. Make sure they are still there, and if not, get in touch with the person that is now your customer before he/she goes to another supplier.

Do it - on a schedule commensurate with their value to you.

9. When you leave a message on a voice machine, or with a person, speak slowly and clearly, including the purpose for the call, and a good time for them to call you back.

Do it - on all messages you leave.

10. Ask if it's OK before you put someone on hold, get back to them every 30-45 seconds. And do not use a local radio stations as your 'music on hold' message.

Consider getting a professional promotional message created for your business.

11. Bonus tip: Go back to number one and start over.

Do it - until you get it right.

How to Get More Business From Current Customers

  • It's far easier to get additional business from present clients than it is to get a new client. And, less expensive.

  • Are your current customers aware of all the products and services you offer?

  • Do not have a current database of the important contact person you will want to reach when your sales representative leaves your company?

Here is how we can help:

Give us a list of customers with the contact name, phone, and products/services you already provide them.

We will call them with the premise of "... just keeping in touch... want to ask a few questions"


We will stimulate interest for additional business. If that does not happen, it indicates you have a different problem. We will also get those important correct contact names for you.

One of the lessons we have learned after many years in the business, is that we can not 'sell telemarketing' to someone who just does not believe it works, or fits their business.

Let us suggest that the trick is to think of ways to use it, but don't think of it as 'telemarketing'.

We see many opportunities, for believers and non-believers, to improve their business by using the telephone more effectively. Or, creatively.


If you, as our valued customer, feel at the end of our campaign, that we, (being Creative Concepts Telemarketing) in anyway have failed to satisfactorily fulfil our obligations to your requirements, we will unconditionally refund you 25% of your campaign costs, no if's, no but's, If you’re not happy than neither are we!

See if your business has any of the these challenges!

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