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Kim Martin - Creative Concepts Marketing


Kim Martin - Creative Concepts Marketing

Be My Student and Iíll Teach You The Hottest Most Powerful ...
Business Marketing Techniques Worth Thousands of Dollars ... At My Risk

Firstly thank you for taking the time to view this information.

Dear Kim,

I write to advise you of my unbelievable progress and success that has and is still happening in my life.

I would like to thank you deeply for your wonderful marketing package in which you produced and offered to me. It has been worth every single cent.

I have used many of the tools in your package to assist in commencing my own business (Massage) and I have had many offers from prospective centres asking me to use their facilities

Vicki Smith. Relax Massage
Ocean Grove. Vic

Get more inquiries, get more orders and make more money my System MUST put $$$$ in your pocket Ö or Iíll buy it back from you in 90 days!!

Telemarketing is a cost effective, valuable part of our clubs marketing program. It's worked for us, and as we continue to use Creative Concepts marketing I have no hesitation in endorsing there proven methods.

Our last telemarketing campaign Kim; generated 200+ members and $197,000 in sales in 14 weeks.

Andrew Zorzit Director
Lean and Fit Health Clubs
NSW 02 -96213777

Dear Friend

The material contained in this system is simple easy to apply and will most importantly make you money working from the comfort of your own home, using just your telephone & maximum of just four hours a day,

  • I work around 20 hours per week, simply making phone calls for my customers and for that I earn between $42 to $55 per hour!
  • At the end of my 4 hour shift I simply fax them the calls Iíve made and any follow up comments or feed back that Iíve received. Itís simply that easy.
  • Iíve got little to no overheads, because I work from home.
  • I can claim part of my house as a tax deduction
  • I save money on travelling (not to mention the stress), and ...
  • I only work around 4 hours a day.

Iím doing exactly this, on a daily basis, and Iím convinced you can do the same.

Youíll find the information contained in this package,
can literally alter your life and set you on the path to financial freedom.

So if your sick of being bound by the 9-5 drudge (more likely 7AM to 6PM these days) and you are prepared to take action, then I know you can succeed, and more importantly ... youíll enjoy the journey.

I do not have a university degree in marketing, nor any other special qualifications. Iím simply persistent, and I enjoy working for myself, with the added freedom of working from home. NO traffic hassles, without the same old day in day out routine &  without a Boss.


The fantastic part about this whole package [even if your still working in a job at the moment, and your thinking about starting your business] this material will help you, by increasing your sales, marketing, and administration skills.

This package will take you through the steps of what you need to do and how to do it
to finally break out of the rate race!

It's the most comprehensive package available, anywhere!

Itís not just a complete business system,
itís an entire sales and marketing course

This is one chunky package weighing in at around 4.25 kilos
of practical, easy to apply, workable methods that WILL make you money.

"Telemarketing Office In A Box" System + BONUSES

Firstly package #1 Contains

The Home Based
"Telemarketing Office In A Box" System

Discover how your home-based telemarketing business is an amazing recession proof way to earn up to $1000 per week for just 20 hours of work!

Youíll get a simple easy to follow, step by step way that you can literally get your own home based telemarketing office up and running within a week or less! * (After reading through the manuals)


A comprehensive Marketing manual that will give you all the information you need
even if you have NO PRIOR sales or marketing experience.

  • How to effectively generate $42 to $55 per hour,
    working only 4 hours per day, using the phone.
  • How to set out an effective business plan and marketing strategies.
    [Day to day planners] On DISC.
  • Where and how to advertise. Examples of HOW to quote your services.
  • Templates for all quotations, invoices, record keeping, what to charge and what others charge.
  • How to set out and design blockbuster headlines,
    attract more customers than a mangy dog has fleas!
  • Tips on goal setting and good time management.

  • Learn the pitfalls of working from home and how to overcome them.

  • The seven psychological sales secrets [Manual] Use your mind to achieve anything!
  • The greatest marketing secret of the ages [Manual]
    The inside story of how your business can get the marketing "Edge"

  • How to lose your "fear of the phone".

  • Skyrocket your telemarketing business by learning how to stay motivated and focused.

  • Learn how to overcome objections and present the benefits of your customerís services.
  • Examples of scripts & how to design your own,
    examples that I have used in a campaign that grossed one customer over $200,000 in sales.
  • How to double your marketing budget using cross promotion.

  • Learn how to build your client base and get business advice for free!
  • How success can destroy your business and what to do about it.
  • Costing your promotion and employing other staff if you choose COMPLETE "Job Pack" ON DISC.
  • How to tap into competitor intelligence and successfully compete.
  • How to increase profits, by turning down business.
  • How to make direct mail more direct and less expensive!
  • Powerful motivational strategies to help you stay focused.

  • Answers to questions, as to why people succeed and why they fail.

Itís your own personal achievement diary.
A complete resource guide to getting up & running ASAP

And with your permission,Ö

Iíll include these Free Gifts!

"Direct Mail Kit"

BONUS #1 - Valued at $147.00
'How To Turn An Ordinary Business into an Extraordinary Business'

Still the quickest & best way to make a fortune in Australia today, an extraordinary book that will open your eyes about the pros and cons being a traditional business owner. Donít even think of starting a home-based business without reading this.

It contains examples of: Western Australian Millionaire Mal Emery who has bought and sold numerous businesses for huge profits, and how he did it.

BONUS #2 - Valued at $89.00
'Creating Blockbuster Headlines'

Every business needs to advertise!

And this little gem of a book will show you how to maximise every cent you spend on advertising.

Advertising is simply "Salesmanship in Print".
It will show you how to make your advertising dollar sweat for

If your going to advertise then why waste your hard earned dollar not knowing what your doing? Get the straight facts about what really works, and more importantly what doesnít, and get more customers than you can handle!

BONUS # 3 - Valued at $89.00
'63 Killer Marketing Strategies'

How to insure your product/benefit/service is presented in the best way it can be, use this as a superb ĎBrainstorming" tool, essential if your looking to start your own business!

Around 5000 small businesses go bust in Australia every year! Donít let yours be one of them. A treasure trove of practical marketing ideas. In fact if youíre already a business owner already itís essential reading for your success.

BONUS # 4 - Valued at $129.00
78 FREE & low cost ways to add at least $17,000 or 27%
to your small business profits ... in the next 90 days.

The title says it all. How to gain and retain more customers is the key to providing you with a hugely profitable business, this manual shows you a whole lot of practical ideas you can use with out having to spend $$$

BONUS # 5 - Valued at $129.00
"Prospect without Pain"

Stop wasting time on people who donít want your services and find the ones that do, like the rest of these manuals. Simple easy to follow advice no bull jargon that will show you how to separate your business from the rest of the "also rans" and Ďstand Apart".

SUPER BONUS #6 - Valued at $320.00
Youíll get $320.00 of My Time ... for FREE

Youíll get in-depth help from someone thatís been telemarketing for over 12 years, and Iíll show you just how I built my business from scratch and ... how you can to.

I will provide 2 FREE [one hour] fax consultations, Iíll also provide you with two 20-minute phone consultations, I currently bill my clients @ ... $120 per hour, so you get $320-of value. FREE

And as I mentioned before, Iím always buying information products, so Iím happy to put you on my subscribers list to get the latest info on what Iíve found that works and what doesnít .

SUPER BONUS #7 Ö Value $196.00
'How to Become an Internet Marketing Expert in 30 Days!'

Read the story of how a 18 year old lad from Singapore asked the best internet marketers in the world what they would do if they were broke and had to start from "scratch" [includes Australian content].

Joe went on to make $120,000 in 6mths from selling this ebook. I own the reprint rights to this & it truly is a mind boggling eye opener, if youíve ever thought of being an internet entrepreneur then why not get the inside facts from the best minds on the planet! ON CD ROM

SUPER BONUS # 8 Ö Value $199.00
'The Junior Money-Maker'
7,000 books - reports and money-making ideas, etcÖall on CD ROM.

This has literally thousands of Money Making and Marketing Ideas that you can use, on top of that dozens of Free Ebooks on various subjects. "Home Business Magazine" advertises this disc for between $199 to $229 dollars!

It's yours FREE as part of this package.
(Makes a great gift or will keep the children occupied for months!)

Donít forget my outrageous
Risk Free 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You get everything in this package, with a total value of $1647.00

All for just $399 [Australian]


American Express - Master Card - Visa

 ORDER NOW - $399.00 Australian
Postage Included

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  • Complete Telemarketing System in a Box.



  • How to turn an ordinary business ...



  • Creating Blockbuster Headlines



  • Free fax/phone Business Consultations



  • 63 Killer Marketing Strategies



  • 78 Free and low cost ways ...



  • Prospect without pain



  • How to become an Internet Marketing Expert in 30 Days



  • Junior Money Maker CD ROM



8 BONUSES ... Plus The System



More information? Q & A's

Warmest regards

Kim Martin
Creative Concepts Marketing

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