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How To Set Up A Successful Resale Rights Business From Start To Finish.

Resale Rights Profits!

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From the desk of Allan Wilson

Re: Generating OUTSTANDING profits with Resale Rights.

I surveyed my newsletter subscribers with the following question.

What things related to Internet marketing do you want to learn more about?

The over whelming reply was...

Every ebook you read tells you WHAT to do but not how to do it...
Please SHOW us step by step HOW to do these things!

Well my friends Resale Rights Profits is the first in a series of books that will indeed SHOW you what to do... In Resale Rights Profits, you'll not only discover how to maximise the huge profit potential from resale rights products...

You get tutorials for every step in the process.

Inside this 74 page instructional manual,
you'll discover all of the following...

  • My real life success story and how Iím working at home as a full time Internet marketer selling products with resale rights - Discover the most important thing you MUST do if you are going to succeed in the resale rights business.

  • Places to buy different types of resale rights products - Including the advantages and disadvantages of each and traps to look out for.

  • YOU NEED A WEB HOST - I show you the web host I use however you can also find web hosting FREE when you get resale rights from the right sources.

  • 7 SIMPLE STEPS FOR SETTING UP YOUR DOMAIN NAME - This is a step by step take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process with picture tutorials.

  • ACCEPTING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ONLINE - If you can't accept credit card payments online you're wasting your time being in business. Here are a list of third party payment processors I recommend and you can download an instructional manual for setting up with one of them as well.

  • HOW TO PROTECT YOUR PAYPAL LINKS WITH PAYLOCK PRO - This product is included as a FREE bonus with this book and I have a video tutorial for you inside the book showing you exactly how to use it.

  • EASY GUIDE FOR SETTING UP YOUR SEQUENTIAL AUTORESPONDERS - Another video tutorial that shows you just how easy it is to set up your autoresponders.

  • STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR SETTING UP AD TRACKING CAMPAIGNS - I show you again by video how to set up your tracking campaigns for all of your advertising.

  • HOW TO DOWNLOAD ALL OF THE DIFFERENT FILES - Step by step picture tutorial showing you how to download all of the different files types such as: exe. PDF and zip files.

  • TIPS FOR STAYING ORGANIZED WITH ALL OF YOUR DOWNLOADS - Follow this simple system and you'll be amazed how much time it will save you in the months ahead.

  • HOW TO QUICKLY AND EASILY EDIT LINKS ON WEB PAGES - Another video tutorial showing you how to use Easy Resell Plus (Free Bonus) to easily edit the links on all of your ready to go web sales pages.

  • HOW TO CREATE THANKYOU PAGES THE FAST WAY WITH THANKYOU PAGE GENERATOR - Another great time saver and I show you yet again by video how it's done.

  • HOW TO CREATE THANKYOU PAGES THE FAST WAY WITH EASYAUTOPRO - An alternative way to create thankyou pages quickly and easily plus protect your downloads as well.

  • UPLOADING FILES TO YOUR WEB SITE - Step by step picture tutorial that will walk you through the process of uploading files to your website.

  • BUILDING A HIGHLY TARGETED LIST - Don't be deceived by the simplicity of this idea it WILL work.

  • SUBMIT YOUR SITE TO THE SEARCH ENGINES - This is first phase of promoting your website however there is a simple technique to get more free traffic from the search engines.

  • CREATING A SIGNATURE FILE - Another step by step picture tutorial showing you how to set up a signature file for your email and forum messages.

  • HOW TO ADVERTISE ON PAY PER CLICK SEARCH ENGINES - Basic steps for getting the most out of your PPC campaigns.

  • SUCCESSFUL CASE STUDY NUMBER 1. THE BEST WAY TO PROFIT FROM RESALE RIGHTS - The HIGHLIGHT of the book in my opinion. If you take hold of the advise given in just this one section YOU will increase your resale rights profits!

  • SUCCESSFUL CASE STUDY NUMBER 2. ADD YOUR OWN UNIQUE TWIST - Discover how you can increase your income by adding just a few differences to already existing packages.

  • SUCCESSFUL CASE STUDY NUMBER 3. CREATE AN INSTANT TURNKEY PACKAGE - Get your own creative juices flowing by seeing real life examples of profiting from resale rights.

  • SUCCESSFUL CASE STUDY NUMBER 4. DOES THIS ITEM BEING SOLD ON EBAY LOOK FAMILIAR? - yet another unique twist to selling resale rights products that see increases income as much as 400% or more.

  • IF I WAS TO TELL YOU THAT I CAN IMPROVE YOUR PROFITS BY 33% ALMOST INSTANTLY FOR VERY LITTLE WORK WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED? - Whatever you do you MUST implement the tactics outlined in this chapter.

And there's more

If you are already a resale rights seller then this book is for you as you can distribute it to all of your customers as a ready reference training guide.

If you already sell resale rights products you know how time consuming it can be to answer support problems and to create your own tutorials. This manual solves this problem for you. Just include it inside every download area you have for your customers to refer and it will answer MOST of their concerns.

If you are just starting out in the resale rights business then this product is also for you as it will help guide you through every step!

Save yourself from the huge frustration of not knowing what to do. When I first got involved in this business I didn't have a clue how to download and upload files or how to get my own domain let alone any of the other steps outlined in this book. Take the short-cut and follow my step by step instructions for setting up a resale rights business.

I really feel that I've unveiled some magical resale rights marketing techniques inside this course as well. You're going to learn EXACTLY what myself and other online marketers do in order to generate huge profits by effectively putting to work the power of these marketing techniques.

Do you see the value in this course? I SHOW you step by step HOW to set up your business and then reveal a few hidden gems to help you increase your Resale Rights Profits.

Look, It's so easy you'll kick yourself if you're not doing it...

There's no useless filler in this ebook either. As always I dive straight into the nitty gritty 'Show Me How It's Done' details in a brief easy to read format. You don't have to worry about getting lost amongst pages of useless waffle!

But let me tell you something...

While this book isn't designed to be a literary master piece
it DOES exactly what it was designed to do - it SHOWS you HOW to do everything!

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Please note these products you will actually use to quickly
and easily set up your Resale Rights Business.

Many of the video tutorials show you how to use the following ..
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If Resale Rights Profits isn't everything that I say it is
and you're not completely satisfied with it,
then I will refund your money with no questions asked.

All the best,
Allan Wilson

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