'Pay Per Text Marketing System'
By Troy Pentico

Promoting Affiliate URL's

"Finally - You Can Promote Any Affiliate Program Online
Build An Enormous Opt-In Mailing List...

And,  Stop Giving Away The Leads You Worked So Hard To Generate"


The whole idea of the Pay Per Text Marketing Method is to capture your affiliate web site visitors contact information so that you may follow up with them in the future.

ATTENTION: If you are promoting an affiliate URL without using Pay Per Text Marketing you are losing your hard earned leads to the affiliate program... this may be the most exciting report you'll have the chance to read this year!

This Explosive Marketing System
will Increase your ability to follow up with your affiliate web site visitors by 100%!

Troy Pentico's - Pay Per Text Marketing System!

From:  Troy Pentico

Dear Friend,

In just a few minutes you'll see exactly how you can use the ...
Pay Per Text Marketing System to generate more leads & sales.

All of the ground work has been done for you.

The only thing you need to do is insert your own contact information and ads into the Pay Per Text Code and you're all set. It just doesn't get any easier than that!

Folks, lets face it if you are not performing follow ups with the visitors to your website you are not maximizing the sales potential of your products and services. Not everyone is ready to "buy" on the first visit.

But, if you capture their contact information you are giving yourself the ability to answer any further questions they may have or offer more information about the product or service that may not have clicked with them the first time.

If you are not doing this or you do not have the ability to do it you are wasting valuable time and money advertising a program that will do nothing for your pocket book if you do not close the sale on their first visit!

Affiliate Programs are one of the "hottest" methods of making money on the Internet and they continue to grow in popularity every day.

They give you the ability to take your share of the profits in some of the fastest selling products and services on the Internet.

For many years I have marketed a wide variety of affiliate programs and although I have made some nice commission from many of them there is one problem that has always bothered me and held me back from maximizing my earning potential.

You see most affiliate programs do not give you a way to follow-up with the visitors to your affiliate web page. And even most of the ones that do have an information capture system built into your website don't assist you.

Why? Because, they are the one capturing the information, and they are the ones that will follow-up with YOUR LEAD! You were the one that spent your time and money generating the traffic to the page and you should be the one that follows up with the customer!

Enter the Pay Per Text Marketing System...

This method will make any affiliate program web site into a traffic generating, sale closing cash cow!

By simply entering a small piece of HTML code into your website you will be able to capture the contact information of any visitor on any affiliate web site that you currently promote!

Use Pay Per Text to offer a Free Download or Report when they signup for your newsletter or purchase the product or service on the affiliate page.

The possibilities on how to use Pay Per Text are only restrained by your imagination.

Without the Pay Per Text Marketing System,
There Is Absolutely No Way To Capture Your Affiliate Page Visitors
Contact Information!

Here are some other popular ways to use Pay Per Text...

  • Offer a FREE Report, Newsletter, e-Book, or eZine Subscription that either relates to or promotes your products or services.

  • Offer a direct link to a product that is a must have when using the product or service from the affiliate page the Pay Per Text Code is in.

  • Place a Book Mark this page link in the pay per text code! If the affiliate page does not offer this already you can put it in the pay per text code and they will have a way to do it!

  • Think of your own way! That's right beyond the must have code (to make it work) you can do just about anything you want to promote anything you want!

  • Pay Per Text is a not a membership or a large e-Book that will take you days to read, understand and implement. Pay Per Text is an easy to follow step by step report on creating affiliate links with maximum profit potential.

  • The Pay Per Text Code itself never changes. You simply change the affiliate URL to the one you are promoting. Change the method in which you want to present your Pay Per Text Marketing Technique and cut 'n paste it into your current web site.

  • From the time you purchase this report to the time you have your first maximized affiliate page up and running is normally less then 60 minutes!

Common Questions:

  • I do not have my own website. Can I still use Pay Per Text to maximize my affiliate pages?

YES! Many of our customers use Free Web Site Hosts like Geocities and Hypermart and this system works just fine.

  • I don't know anything about using HTML code. Will this still work for me?

YES. The Pay Per Text Report will walk you through creating, saving, and uploading your maximized affiliate page in less then 60 minutes.

  • Will I need anything else to completely maximize the use of Pay Per Text?

YES. To completely utilize the power of the pay per text system there are many freely available tools that you should think about implementing. Many of them you might already be using in your ever day business.

These include automatic follow up autoresponders, pop-up generation software, traffic tracking, and various other tools. These are all available for FREE and we will tell you how to get them in the report.

When you find out what I'm charging for this you'll think I'm a fool for letting all of this go for such a low price, but here goes...

Order the "Master Resale Rights" to Pay Per Text Marketing TM ... today for only $17. 
The "Master Resale Rights" allow you use this very web page to help you profit immediately!

Click Here & Start Profiting from the Master Resale Rights!

Even at our ridiculously low price I'm still going to throw in a few "must have" bonuses to help you profit even more from the information contained in both of these autoresponder courses.

Bonus #1:
"AutoResponder Gold"

This 10-page report details powerfully ... how some of the Internet's Top Marketers utilize Autoresponders to generate leads and sales.

Featured Marketers include:
Ken Evoy - Allen Says - Paul Myers - Sam Robbins & Jimmy Brown among others.

Bonus #2:
"Million Dollar Emails"

A comprehensive e-Book about marketing using Opt-In Lists. From starting your opt-list, managing it, to writing powerful ad copy to send to it, you will learn it in Yanik Silver's Master piece!

People who don't get the Master Resale Rights to this system from me or from you will not be able to use this sales letter or use the bonuses you will be able to use.

This gives you an powerful advantage over the competition!

Click Here & Start Profiting - for just $17.00!

I really can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want to take advantage of this system. I know that not everyone uses affiliate programs to make money on the internet, but why not start?

What do you have to lose?  You can only gain from using them in conjunction with the Pay Per Text System.

Order Your Copy Now!

To Your Success,

Ken Dunn

P.S. The only thing left for you to do is take action. How long do you think it will be before your competition is using the Pay Per Text Marketing System?

How often does someone just hand you an easy way to ..
generate leads & make sales?

Act Now!

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'Pay Per Text Marketing System'
By Troy Pentico

Promoting Affiliate URL's


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Pay Per Text Marketing System
By Troy Pentico

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