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Dear Reseller,

Have you ever noticed just how many people are selling the exact same Internet Marketing related products as you?

They've got the same eBooks, the same software and they're promoting the same affiliate links as you. Talk about it being a 'dog eat dog' world.

All it takes is one loony tune to start selling the product for pennies on Ebay and your profits are history.

It's happening more and more. These days you need to stay awake for twenty four hours a day just too keep up. . . but right now that's about to change:

If your sick of seeing hundreds of other resellers promoting the same products as you & worse still at less than half the price your charging then this message will be one of the most important ones you'll read all year. . .

Right Now I'm offering you instant access to a complete selection of easy to sell, hot topic, NICHE products.

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This means you could sell them individually (You get ready made web sites for each product!), you could re-package them & sell them by theme from your own web sites or you can just resell this entire package.

I'll even include a copy of this web site to make selling
'The Works' easy.

With 'Full Master Resell Rights' to NICHE PRODUCTS POWER PACK
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Absolutely no limit to the number of copies you can sell!

  • You will be able to sell the individual items to their target customers.

  • You can sell the entire package to other resellers who are always on the lookout for hot selling, new products. 

  • You can break up / theme the products and sell them to specific target markets.

You can't lose,
because any of these easy to set up strategies will make you money

Super NICHE Products Including:

12 Super NICHE Products + 3 Bonuses!

  • Health & Fitness
  • Diets & Recipes
  • Crafts
  • Gardening
  • Golf
  • How to Stop Smoking
  • How to Lose Weight
  • How to find Romance & Happiness.

Have You Forgotten Something?

If you've been selling Master Resell Rights products online for some time it's easy to forget that these 'everyday' NICHE topics are important to millions of ordinary web surfers around the world.

Simply put you're losing profits if you are only selling marketing related products - because you're limiting your customer base to just other web marketers. . .

Grab a Piece of the 'Non Marketing' Pie!

With the NICHE PRODUCTS POWER PACK you can have 30 million more potential customers in your sights within minutes - but if you decide to offer this entire package complete with Master Resell Rights (This very same site!) then you have the opportunity to turn your current competitors into your new customers over-night!

Here's What's Included:

Profitable Crafts Volume 1 - Maria Vowell

Profitable Crafts Volume 1:
Maria Vowell

Maria Vowell has mentored literally 100's of crafters, both online and off, and helped them turn their part time hobby into a profitable full time business.

Maria has over 10 years experience of providing her mentoring services for craft related topics.

A really helpful guide book in PDF format
(Web Site, ECover and Graphics included)

Maria Vowell - Profitable Crafts Volume 2:

Profitable Crafts Volume 2:
Maria Vowell

Gain confidence in yourself, & your craft products as each day passes. Learn wonderful techniques to increase your overall profits & learn valuable techniques that will help you become the published designer that you've always dreamed of becoming!

A really helpful guide book in PDF format
(Web Site, ECover and Graphics included) 

Profitable Crafts Volume 3: Maria Vowell

Profitable Crafts Volume 3:
Maria Vowell

See things with a different perspective to help make designing easier, Design wonderful products using normal every day household objects.

Use things in nature like sticks to create wonderful gifts for your loved ones, Use nature to help get your creative juices flowing  and so much more. . .

A really helpful guide book in PDF format
(Web Site, ECover and Graphics included)

Profitable Crafts Volume 4: Maria Vowell

Profitable Crafts Volume 4:
Maria Vowell

Learn exactly how you can increase your craft sales and profits by creating your very own product catalogs, and by recruiting others to sell your products for you!

If you have a hard time selling, but still enjoy making arts & crafts related items, then why not have all the fun you want while letting others do it for you?

A really helpful guide book in PDF format
(Web Site, ECover and Graphics included)

Maria Vowell - 20 Vintage Crochet Patterns

20 Vintage Crochet Patterns:
Maria Vowell

If you love to crochet, then you're going to love the patterns provided here. There are 20 vintage crochet patterns provided in this manual.

The patterns provided are not only easy to crochet, they are also top selling items at craft shows, fairs & bazaars. You'll find your hook flying so fast as you stitch some of these projects.

You'll quickly build your stock in no time!!

Detailed manual in PDF format
(Web Site, ECover and Graphics included)

Turning Their Trash Into Your Profits

Extra Item

This book also contains a great bonus book called "Turning Their Trash Into Your Profits"

Even if your not into making arts and crafts, you can still profit in this market & this special report shows you how!

Wonderful Wedding Favors and Gifts:

Wonderful Wedding Favours and Gifts:

There is something provided for everyone in this manual. Sachets for bridesmaids & guest, victorian purses, flowers, garter & gloves for brides as well as décor for the wedding table like nut cups and lacy looking napkin rings.

If you run a wedding related business, then these projects are wonderful items to add to your line of wedding gifts as well.

Detailed guide book in PDF format
(Web Site, ECover and Graphics included)

The Bread and Biscuit Baker's and Sugar-Boiler's Assistant by Robert Wells

The Bread and Biscuit Baker's
And ... Sugar-Boiler's Assistant

Robert Wells

This 84 page eBook provides over 260 time-tested recipes, that you can bake for dinner parties, fund raising events, family reunions, holidays or simply to have fun in your kitchen with your children/relatives.

You'll also find remarks on the art of bread making as well as chemistry as applied to bread making, to ensure that you make the most delicious, light-as-air and flaky breads, cakes and pastries as possible.

Simply Delicious Recipes in PDF format
(Web Site, ECover and Graphics included)

"Cat Head Biscuits and Garlic Fried Chicken"

"Cat Head Biscuits and Garlic Fried Chicken"

This really does come highly recommended, Our highly acclaimed, best selling signature cookbook contains 125 pages, 180 hand picked, family tried and tested, real southern recipes.

The web site for this package will make your mouth water in anticipation.

Simply Delicious Recipes in PDF format
(Web Site, ECover & Graphics included)

Smoothies for Athletes

Smoothies for Athletes

120 quick and easy smoothies recipes that will give you more energy and stamina.

This great recipe book will make you feel like an athlete! You'll have more energy to tackle all those things you have to get done everyday! Getting more done will help you feel better mentally because you feel like you've accomplished so much more each day!

Also Includes two additional bonus books:

Amazing Weight Loss and Health Tips,
33 pages of health tips

Summer Party Cooking Recipes,
73 pages of delicious recipes to serve your guests!

Energy Boosting Drink Recipes in PDF format
(Web Site, ECover and Graphics included)

How To Stop Smoking Forever!

How To Stop Smoking Forever

We all know that smoking is a bad expensive habit.

On top of that it makes you stink and turns your teeth yellow!

In this eBook you will learn why and how you should stop smoking today! You owe it to yourself and your family to stop smoking today!

This potentially life saving self help manual includes:
a web site, eCover & graphics.

Plus the book is supplied in both:
.exe and text (rtf) formats.

Organic Secrets

Organic Secrets:

This award winning guidebook to saving money and getting healthier for you and your family by growing your own organic produce.

It doesn't matter if you have your own farm or just a few plant pots in your window with this great guidebook you'll be growing fresh, healthy organic produce in next to no time.

This great gardening manual includes
a mini web site, eCover & graphics.

Plus the book in supplied in .exe format.

There you have it - that's ten Eleven profitable NICHE products all with ready made web sites, simply change the order links, upload them to your server and start making money.

Wait A Second!

Before You Order...

We also have a [set] of additional bonus books for you, however these do not have their own ready made web sites but are high quality & ... together are worth over $100.00

You get them at no extra cost
when your order this amazing package today. . .

Here Are Your Bonuses:

Inside Secrets of Online Currency Trading

By Brian Campbell

Bringing Your Golf Scores to Life!

By Bryan Winters

Small Business Success Secrets!

By Tim Knox

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