Jimmy Brown's Marketing Secrets Revealed

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The Best Ebooks - Tutorials & Profit Generating Reports
Written By: Super Marketer Jimmy D. Brown.

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You are about to discover how Jimmy Brown -one of  the most successful 
Internet Marketers
- manages to create a  monthly income of over 
$10,000 a month...  and how you can do it too!

Dear Friend,

If you've been into Internet Marketing for a while, you may have heard about Jimmy Brown.

Jimmy is the owner of the successful Marketing Resource "Profits Vault", and the well respected author of some of the best Marketing Ebooks and Manuals that are currently available on line.

In only a few years time, Jimmy has managed to create the life of his dreams.

He makes over $10.000 every month (yes, that's FOUR zero's :-)
and he does this mainly by selling Info Products.

"Jimmy Brown's Marketing Secrets Revealed"
contains some of his best work until now.

You can use this Mega Information Package to:

  • Create your own Ebooks, Reports and eCourses
  • Set up and grow a successful Ezine
  • Make huge profit from selling other people's products
  • Create Profit Pulling Web Sites and Sales Letters, that will make your visitors instantly grab their wallets and beg you to accept their money... Etc...

Here are the Ebooks & Manuals included in this Amazing Package:

  1. "Profit Pulling Reports" with Resale Rights Value: $19.97
  2. "Ezine Ad Profits" with Resale Rights Value: $9.97
  3. "Profit Pulling Ebooks" with Resale Rights Value: $14.95
  4. "The Ezine Resource Guide" with Resale Rights Value: $14.97
  5. "Profits Every Month" Value: $19.97
  6. "How to Outsell Other Resellers & Become a Super Affiliate" 
    with Resale Rights Value: $19.97

You will not only receive the 6 Ebooks with Resell Rights with your order, 
but this complete Turn Key Business Package also comes with...

  • Your own Sales Page & Custom Graphics, just like this one! 

  • Everything has been taken care of for you. The sales copy is written, so you just need to customize your ordering links, upload the Sales and Thank-You Page to your web server and start sending  out ads to your Ezine or Opt In lists. (You will also receive a Ready To Use copy-and-paste recommendation article to send out.) Then just sit back and watch  the sales roll in.

There's only One Master Ebook to download

  • Unlike most of the other Ebook packages out there, all the files can be downloaded from ONE Single Master Ebook. Your customers simply click the Master Ebook Download link from your Thank-You page, and my own server takes care of the delivery.

    You will never be bothered with complaining customers,  confronting you with download problems or server downtimes.

  • A Special Bonus Report containing an original interview with Jimmy Brown himself.

    In this interview, Jimmy answers 14 of your most requested web marketing questions. You'll discover how Jimmy earns over $10,000 every month, by selling Info Products, without paying ONE single  penny for advertising! In this interview, Jimmy answers 14 of your most requested web marketing questions. You'll discover how Jimmy earns over $10,000 every month, by selling Info Products, without paying ONE single  penny for advertising!

  • A FREE COPY of Jimmy Brown's "Ebook Ideas Exposed"

    "Ebook Ideas Exposed"
    contains 33 quick tips for Ebook publishers, including details on how you can earn high commissions by just giving this Ebook away yourself... contains 33 quick tips for Ebook publishers, including details on how you can earn high commissions by just giving this Ebook away yourself...

  • No need to upload these Ebooks to your server

    Yes, that's right. All the Ebook files permanently reside on my own server, ready for you and your customers to download at will. There is no need to upload this huge amount of data to your server. 

    This will save you lots of time and worries, not to mention the money you will save in bandwidth costs! You can download the books right away, or do it at your own leisure.

  • You get complete instructions on how to set up the Ebook Sales Page

    I will explain every step there is to take, from uploading the Ebook and Sales Page, to creating your ordering links. You see, selling Ebooks on line has never been easier!

Now, let's take a closer look at what's inside the Ebooks you'll receive...

"Profit Pulling Reports"

In "Profit Pulling Reports" you will discover...

  • An easy-to-follow, 15-step system for writing your own free report from start to finish! You'll learn very specific, very precise information like how to write the very first sentence of your free report all the way to finalizing the very last paragraph, including 8 ready-made opening sentences that will immediately get readers interested in your content.

  • How ANYONE can write their own outrageously profitable free reports regardless of their education or experience. You don't need any special writing skills and you don't need any expertise. Heck, I'll even shown you one way to get your free reports written by someone else without spending a penny!

  • The winning formula that NEVER FAILS. In fact, I can guarantee you will earn incredible profits if you follow this simple formula for creating free reports. HINT:  It's a classic A + B = C formula that generated those 20,000 downloads and $100,000 in profits from the report I mentioned earlier.

  • A fool-proof system for getting people to (a) request and access your free report, (b) read and learn from your report, and (c) purchase the awaiting offers in your report!  Everything is explained in easy to understand language that both beginners and veterans can follow.

  • 3 simple ways to come up with the sizzling topic that everyone WANTS to read about. Discover how to find out exactly what folks are interested in and have them begging to read what your report has to offer.

  • 4 super "idea generators" that will get you writing the perfect free report complete with REAL examples of reports generated from each idea. HINT: You'll find that 2 of these "idea generators" can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes of work on your part!

  • Why you don't need to write an Encyclopaedia set to earn income with your free reports, and how a 2-3 page "dynamite-style" report out profits them all. You'll also learn the 2 things that your free  reports MUST do in order to pull in profits.

Like I said, you'll discover both how to WRITE you own *exclusive* free reports and (more importantly to you) how to PROFIT from your own free reports. You'll learn it all.

Things like...

  • How to use your free report to get people interested and follow you wherever you lead -do this right and you'll be like the Pied Piper of Hamelin with a long list of followers hanging on your heels.

  • How to use website links you have collected over your time online to become your next free report. You'll be surprised at how many people would LOVE to know where the things you've located can be found.

  • A quick, 4-step system for getting someone else to write your report for you without spending a penny. Learn how to provide some of the absolute best content available without doing a bit of research or writing.

  • How to use my own special "fill-in-the-blanks" style of writing that makes creating a masterpiece report as simple as writing a "things-to-do" list.

  • How to develop an attention-grabbing title for your free report that automatically makes people take a closer look, including a mini-clinic filled with "loser" titles and how they can be turned into "killer" titles. You'll also discover 3 checklist questions that every title should be run through before you use it for your report.

  • How to use the psychological pulling power of curiosity to make sure readers eagerly soak up every word you write. You'll learn how to pull readers deeper and deeper into your report and keep them interested until the very end.

  • Dozens of simple tactics like how to build relationships with your reports, an easy way to fill up space when you don't know what to write next, 2 easy ways to distribute your reports & the most important part of writing your free report ... without question, you gotta get this right.

Are you beginning to see how much you'll learn from
"Profit Pulling Reports"?

If not, then it's time to get those eyes checked! (Just kidding :o)  There's still more.

You'll also find...

  • How to stay in the mind of your reader for hours and even days after they've finished reading your report - and how to lead them directly to a point of purchase for whatever product or service offer you choose.

  • How to reap enormous profits from your free reports including how to weave in product offers and affiliate links without blatantly saying, "Buy this!" This is the heart beat of profiting from your own  reports.

  • How to go one step further than that -there IS a way you can BLATANTLY promote any product or service you want within your free report without offending a soul and without compromising your  content. You'll discover this tactic that is used effectively everyday by the "gurus."

  • How to introduce common problems and use your content AND OFFERS to resolve those problems. Discover a 2-step system for mastering this for maximum profits.

  • The MOST IMPORTANT tactic that is almost always overlooked when it comes to free reports. You'll do this right from the start and it could increase your report downloads by up to 3200%.

  • How to get your free reports into the hands of thousands of potential customers, including how to use both existing contacts and non-existing contacts.

NOTE:  I'll even be sharing with you my own personal list of  
"Top 10"
best ways to promote any free report.

"Ezine Ad Profits"

The "Ezine Ad Profits" Ebook comes with Royalty-Free Resell Rights.

You can sell it and keep every penny of every sale. You receive the manual, a web site template to upload to your website and a license to sell as many copies of this package as you possibly can.

Anyone who does business on the Internet, whether it be as a product owner or as an affiliate, wants to know the answer to "where should I advertise?"

That's a fact. You don't want to waste money, and you do want to find advertising sources that *really* do produce results. After all, you're trying to make a profit.

You would like to know WHERE to advertise to see *real results* right?

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Where to find "buy one, get one free" ads in *high quality* ezines.

  • How to find monthly specials on ezine advertising - save as much as 75% off the regular price!

  • Which ezine advertising offer is THE #1 best order-producing option - hands down!

  • Where to buy a SOLO MAILING for only $5.00.

  • The ezine that I profited over $600 in less than 48 hours from ONE SINGLE MAILING.

  • Which ezine offers ad space for only 1/10 of a penny per subscriber!

  • My own personal list of the "35 best" ezines to advertise in.

  • The "best kept secret" in ezine advertising - 400% or more PROFIT every time I use it!

  • How to send your ad to over 10,000 opt-in subscribers for only $2.00.

  • How to purchase an ad in 30 different ezines for only $5.00.

  • Where to purchase an ezine ad that will *permanently* be listed at the website.

  • Where to purchase a $15.00 ezine advertising package that includes: 1 regular ad in an ezine, 3 issues in a classifieds newsletter, 1 solo mailing and an ad in ALL autoresponder messages sent out!

  • Which ezine "puts their money where their mouth is" and offers GUARANTEED results or 100% of your money back!

  • The solo mailing offer that promises "if you are unsatisfied with the performance of your ad, I will promptly refund your money"!

  • Not satisfied with ONE ad, how about 6 full months of advertising for only $10!

  • Where to go to get 3 FREE ads published to 36,600 subscribers with your solo ad purchase.

  • How to place your ad in a whopping 95 different ezines for under $40.

"Ezine Ad Profits" is an Ebook that every Internet Marketer should own
and refer back to, for every marketing campaign.

"Profit Pulling Ebooks"

"Profit Pulling eBooks"
is a step-by-step manual for creating eBooks that *really do* produce results.

Just a few of the things you'll learn are...

  • An 8-step, paint-by-numbers formula for developing eBooks that get results.

  • How to make sure your eBook gets noticed among the traffic jam of free eBooks available on the internet.

  • 4 quick and easy ways to make sure your eBook provides quality content.

  • A couple of checklist questions to determine if you are including valuable information in your eBook.

  • 6 simple suggestions for trimming off the fat and providing the meat people are wanting to feast on.

  • 9 easy ways to use your eBooks as your own 24 hour a day, non-stop salesman.

  • How to actually see sales produced and profits earned from free eBooks.

  • How to get your eBook downloaded thousands of times in a short period of time.

  • 4 easy ways to include bonuses in your ebook and how to use them to produce more sales.

  • How to instil a sense of urgency in the mind of the reader that prompts them to order NOW.

  • One of the most least used techniques in eBook marketing that is also one of the most important.

  • Why presentation is just as important as information when it comes to eBooks.

But, that's just the beginning of this 81 page manual that only includes what you need to know. "Profit Pulling eBooks" actually consists of TWO key sections...

  • Tutorial 1:  How to CREATE a profit pulling eBook. This section focuses on WHAT to include in your eBook that virtually guarantees your profits.
  • Tutorial 2: How to quickly and easily COMPILE an eBook. This section shows you how to use the most powerful eBook compiler online to create your own features-loaded eBooks.

"The E-zine Resource Guide"

In the "Ezine Resource Guide",
you'll discover things like...

  • An all-in-one submission page for quick & easy access to the top 37 ezine directories. With this handy submission page, you can strategically submit your ezine, description and subscribe details to the top FREE directories online.

  • 19 hot spots for obtaining FREE ezine content for any newsletter. You'll have a ready made database of 1,000's of high-quality articles you can publish in your own newsletter. HINT: And if you write articles yourself, you can add your own material to these databases and allow other publishers to publish YOUR materials!

  • 16 content lists that regularly send you the latest articles from well known publishers, allowing you to provide your readers with fresh up-to-the-minute articles.

  • 10 secret sources for building your subscriber lists through classified ad swaps. Instantly access hundreds of publishers ready to trade ads with YOU.

  • 6 simple ways to swap advertising space via email - increase your subscribers as much as 300%.

  • 9 great resources for selling out your ad space in each of your issues. Not selling enough classified ads for your ezine? Don't worry, these great resources will sell the ads for you!

  • A little-known service that allows you to launch your own affiliate program for your email list to gain even more subscribers!

  • Numerous distribution resources (software, servers, and systems) for automatic publishing of your newsletter, including 5 100% FREE services!

  • 5 superior resources sites that *really* increase your subscriber numbers with TARGETED readers no matter what subject your ezine focuses on.

  • 13 high-profile sites that will build your opt-in newsletter list at NO COST TO YOU.  I have *literally* been able to see thousands of extra subscribers come from these services!  (And you can too - I GUARANTEE IT)

  • 28 newsletter announcement lists that will post ads promoting YOUR ezine for FREE. NOTE: Many of them will allow you to resubmit your ezine on a regular basis.

  • Dozens of sites designed especially to boost your ezine subscribers and give you more exposure - without spending a penny!

Much, much more -just too much to list here!

You get 100% Royalty-Free Reprint Rights!

  • A reprint rights license is included with your copy -sell the "Ezine Resource Guide" for $14.97 and keep every penny!

PLUS... you can brand the "Ezine Resource Guide" with your own information!

You also get backend commissions! Insert YOUR affiliate link to numerous backend products that earn you 50% commission on any sales generated.

You also get Sponsorship advertising! Brand EACH PAGE of the "Ezine Resource Guide" with a classified ad of YOUR CHOICE. Promote your website, an affiliate program, your own ezine - whatever you want!

"How to Outsell Other Resellers & Become a Super Affiliate"

"How to Outsell Other Resellers and Become a Super  Affiliate" is your ticket to earning more affiliate commissions regardless of  who you are or what you are promoting.

In this Ebook you will learn everything I found out about how the Top Affiliates get it done.

You'll discover...

  • How to earn more sales to YOUR link, even though you're selling the EXACT same product at the EXACT same price as a gazillion other resellers.

  • The *exact* reasons why the top-selling affiliates in any program are so successful and why the others are left in the dust. NOTE: More importantly, you'll learn how YOU can do what the top-sellers are doing!

  • An "I can't believe it can be this easy", 5-step affiliate formula for success that works EVERY time no matter what affiliate program you are involved in.

  • The #1 biggest obstacle to affiliate marketing that is behind the failure of 95% of all resellers -and how YOU can avoid it! HINTIf you do this wrong, it's almost impossible for you to become a top-seller.

  • 5 Necessities for EVERY successful affiliate marketer to complete. These are the life of all affiliate marketing and cannot be altered or omitted in any way. You'll do them right from day one!

  • 6 sure-fire ways to separate yourself from the competition even if you don't have a huge mailing list, a high traffic website or a well known name within the industry.

  • What 98% of ALL AFFILIATES are doing wrong with their marketing that is costing them thousands of extra commissions every year... and how YOU can learn this secret in less than 5 seconds.

  • How to get the MAXIMUM benefit from your promotion by doing one simple thing differently. NOTE: It takes thirty seconds to make this simple change to your website.

  • 3 easy ways to make yourself stand out among the crowd of affiliates and pull in orders like you are raking leaves... including 12 quick tip ideas for creating your own unique approach to affiliate marketing.

  • The 2 secrets that you can quickly/easily master to become a top selling affiliate and 3 reasons why you DON'T want to use the advertising materials your affiliate program provides for you.

These are just a few of the things in you'll find in this
"short, sweet and to the point" course.

"Profits Every Month"

In "Profits Every Month", you'll discover the *hands down* #1 best method of quickly earning profits on the Internet -and how you can cash in on the craze in less than 3 hours of work... and build your own guaranteed monthly income!

Plus you'll find out all this...

  • The research behind this entire course. Like I said, this isn't some theory. You'll learn 5 proven reasons why this plan works like a charm for ANYONE who does it.

  • Exactly where to purchase low-cost, high-demand products with reprint rights to sell and keep 100% of every sale. You'll discover a mother lode of fresh products each month and a secret source for obtaining product licenses that are very limited -less competition = more profits for YOU!

  • Reprint rights products you can purchase for less than $15 and spiral into your own information publishing empire. Earn profits for life -and, more importantly, earn BACK END products. I'll show you products that already have BUILT-IN links that earn you EVEN MORE money -without doing anything extra!

  • *Exactly* how to set up your own direct response, order-producing website. You'll learn everything from creating killer ad copy to setting up a "thank you" page to developing your "download page" to raking in the profits like leaves in an New England Autumn! A simple, 4-step system shows you how to do it all.

  • A quick and easy "crash course" in FTP. You'll discover how to upload all of your files to your website in a matter of minutes. With the "screen capture" pictures, you'll actually SEE how to take the files from your computer and place them on your own website.

  • How to master the "Big Four" necessities of every website, including where to go for credit card processing. Get this one right or your eBusiness will fail.

  • 10 quick tips that you can begin using RIGHT NOW to add more pulling power to your sales letters. Learn the secret formula that I use for creating sales letters -just like the one you are reading. You'll find 10 of my most often used tips in creating irresistible ad copy.

  • How to develop classified ads that virtually force people to respond. Getting your new profit machine launched is just the beginning. You'll also learn how to create a traffic jam of potential customers -and how to reel them 'em like you were fishing on a Saturday afternoon.

  • 2 ingenious methods of "milking" your advertising for everything its worth. If you don't do these two things, I GUARANTEE that you'll miss out on a lot of easy sales.

  • 3 insider secrets for creating your own automated profit generators. Once you get these in place, you'll actually be able to generate traffic and sales without lifting a finger.

  • 3 super order-producing techniques you can use to cross promote your entire product line and *literally* skyrocket your sales and profits. These are "no-brainers" and yet many people forget to do these easy marketing tactics.

  • 10 killer traffic building techniques from one of the premier internet marketing "gurus", Terry Dean. Terry shares a few of his favorite methods of generating more visitors to any website... and that includes YOURS!

  • 8 incredible "advanced" tactics for bringing in even more "Profits Every Month", including portal pages, Master Reprint Rights, and *exclusive* product development.

  • 2 easy things you can do to create your own unique products to sell online - in just a few minutes of work. I've done this many times and OUTSOLD other people offering the EXACT same products.  Find out how -and more importantly, how YOU can duplicate my success.

Are you beginning to see the value in this information?

I'm telling you the truth, this is a SURE SHOT.

Follow these instructions,
and you WILL earn an income each and every month FROM NOW ON.

PLUS: Not only will you get access to this valuable 
information, but you'll also to this valuable 
information, but you'll also

You'll be able turn this Ebook package into your own profit machine! 
Remember your purchase also includes the following:



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