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Tuesday, 10:26 a.m.

Re: Instant Infoproducts

Dear Entrepreneur:

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

You're sick of earning measly commissions and making other folks rich, right?

You'd like your piece of the action, correct?  You don't want to waste a lot of time trying to bring out the "creative writer" in yourself and you don't want to spend your life savings trying to buy into the "next big thing."  Am I on the right page, here?

What you do want is a simple method of earning a substantial income on the internet.

And you'd like to set this up quickly, without spending a lot of time, effort or money.

Now, there was a time when this would have been an impossibility... but, not anymore!

INSTANT INFOPRODUCTS is your ticket to quickly and easily establishing
your very own high-demand internet business in less than 60 minutes

Instant Info-products is a collection of 20 high-demand electronic information products.
These products are deliverable in eBook (electronic book) format and can be easily downloaded from a website.

The cost to product these electronic manuals is ZERO.
That's right, ZERO. If you sell the eBooks for $34.95, then guess what? 

You keep $34.95 US!

With our Royalty-Free Reprint Licenses,
you keep 100% of EVERY sale you make.

With the exception of sex sites (shame, shame, shame) information products are THE #1 SELLER online today. The demand for business and marketing related information products is huge. This market continues to grow every day as more and more people log on to the internet with dreams of starting their own business. Customers are literally awaiting the information found in Instant Infoproducts.

And they'll gladly pay YOU for this incredible collection.

More than just a collection of outdated information, Instant Infoproducts is a complete,
turnkey business offering the latest high-demand, up-to-date information products.

When you order Instant Infoproducts you will receive...

  • A ready-made website template just like this one. The web page can be uploaded to your website. (If you don't have a website, we'll show you where to find one for FREE) The web page does all of the selling for you. This web page is copyright protected and can only be used by those who order Instant Infoproducts.
  • A Royalty Free Reproduction and Marketing License made out in your name authorizing you to sell Instant Infoproducts, use the website and sales letter, and keep every penny of every order!
  • A master copy of the product for you to upload to your own website to fulfil orders from your customers.
  • The right to sell an unlimited number of copies of Instant Infoproducts.

We'll also show you how you can accept credit cards to fulfil your customer orders...
without spending a penny of your own money.

It's a fact, if you do not accept credit cards online, then you will miss out on a great majority of sales.

As an added bonus, we will show you how to accept credit cards from your website without spending a penny of your own money. In fact, we'll provide you with 26 options for accepting credit cards.

That way, orders are completely processed without you lifting a finger! You simply advertise your turnkey business then watch what happens...

  • Customers arrive at your website and your sales letter (the web page that you are now reading) convinces them to make the purchase.
  • They click on your Order link and an online credit card agency takes their credit card information and processes the order.
  • Upon credit card approval, the customer is sent to your download page to receive the product.
  • The credit card agency sends you out a monthly or twice-monthly check.

Get it? 
Your own automated, turnkey business.

And it takes less than an hour to set things up.

Sounds great - but what exactly are the information products that are 
available for me to sell in the Instant Info Products Package?

I'm glad you asked. And I'm going to spell it out exactly what you can expect when you purchase a Resell License to Instant Info products. Here is a complete list of what you will be able to sell and keep 100% of the money from (as well as a brief description of what the product is)...

Amazing Marketing Tactics

A collection of web marketing techniques like...

  • How to sell 300% more of YOUR product in 72 hours than you did all month!
  • 32 easy ways to breathe new life into any web page.
  • 10 free resources that will improve the way you do business online.
  • 7 keys that every successful web business has in common that can practically guarantee your success.
  • A ready-made list of thousands of individuals who are interested in promoting your website.
  • And much more!

Traffic Virus 2.0

The Traffic Virus Submission Wizard includes a suite of 17 automated submission tools.

All are completely automated - meaning you simply complete ONE form and press ONE button to submit your ads.

And, they are 100% completely free to use.

Just a few of the things you will be able to do with these tools are...

  • Automatically blast your ad to an amazing 225,000 search engines, ffa link pages, directories, classified ad sites and message boards with one click of a button!
  • Drive traffic to your website by completing one simple form which posts your FREE ad to 403 online message boards that accept advertising.
  • Generate thousands of dollars in free publicity by submitting your free press release to hundreds of media contacts.
  • Harness the power of classified advertising by blasting your classified ad to the top 800 high-traffic classified ad sites.
  • Unleash the power of viral advertising with 5 free traffic generating systems that can expose your ad to an amazing 500,000 people!
  • And much more!

The eBusiness Cashflow Handbook

Everyone needs to promote their products online.

Everyone ... that includes you. Get it?

The eBusiness Cashflow Handbook reveals tip after tip for generating free advertising. 
In this amazing manual you will find out...

  • The one secret technique that is most often used by the "experts" that brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profits each year!
  • Revealed... 9 critical factors that greatly affect your search engine relevancy. 
    Capitalize on these and your counter will start spinning!
  • Complete 8 step paint-by-numbers system for creating killer ads that will produce immediate results for you... no matter what you are selling!
  • How to increase your sales by up to 1700%.
  • 10 killer techniques for producing more results from your ad copy!
  • How to get free publicity worth thousands of dollars by following a simple system.
  • And much more!

Cheap and Easy Guide To Self-Publishing eBooks

This informative guide walks you through a step-by-step system for publishing your own eBooks, most of which is with ZERO budget.

A few of the things you will discover...

  • How to publish your eBook in just one day!
  • How to market your eBook with no budget using fingertip marketing.
  • Everything you need to sell eBooks from your website.
  • 11 advantages you automatically create for yourself when you publish an eBook.
  • Valuable eBook and Internet Marketing Resources.
  • And much more!

Building Your Own Website

Building your own website is one of the most rewarding and satisfying projects can undertake. This manual shows you exactly how to build a killer website from start to finish, from basic to advanced.

Everything you need is spelled out clearly in an easy to understand language.

You'll learn...

  • How to plan your website and get it right the first time.
  • Where to find ready-made templates to give you website the professional edge.
  • How to create your own graphics, image maps, forms, tables and frame sets.
  • How to add music and all the "extras" to your website without spending a fortune.
  • Advanced training: Cold Fusion, DHTML, FrontPage, Java, Macromedia and Scripts.
  • And much more!

The Ultimate eLibrary 3000+

Here you will find over 3000 free eBooks - reports - software, web tools and many other resources. This same collection is being sold online for as much as $97.00 and it's yours as part of the Instant Infoproducts package.

And, just like the rest of the package, it's yours to sell with 100% Royalty-Free Reprint Rights. 

Inside the Ultimate eLibrary 3000+ you will find a collection of...

  • eBooks, digital products and information products.
  • Money-making reports, ready to reprint.
  • Software, tools and resources.
  • Services and product samples.
  • Web space and other webmaster resources.
  • And much more!

The Internet Marketer's Resource Guide

No reseller links. No paid endorsements. Only the best resources for helping you market your products and services on the internet. Hand picked for their value, these free and low cost resources are available for you to instantly access.

You'll discover things like...

  • Where to find the best banner advertising and pay-per-click search engines.
  • How to network online and use high-traffic discussion boards.
  • How to accept credit cards and where to find CGI scripts.
  • How to set up your own affiliate program.
  • Where to find valuable web marketing articles on almost any subject.
  • And much more!

Self Publish at the Speed of Thought

  • Want to self-publish an eBook?
  • Want to pull orders from industry leaders like &

Then "Self Publish at the Speed of Thought" is for you.

This manual will show you...

  • A 6-step system for becoming a best-selling author.
  • How to determine your selling price for maximum profitability.
  • How to achieve best-selling status at and
  • How to create CD-ROM eBooks using the new Gutenberg Press.
  • How to sell your thoughts - somebody's waiting to buy them!
  • And much more!

eBook Covers Template Gallery

This is a collection of eBook covers templates.

120+ eBook covers await you.

Simply plug in your text and you'll create your own unique, customized eBook covers in five minutes! 

You receive...

  • Over 120 templates
  • eBook covers
  • Software boxes
  • Report covers
  • Magazine covers.

And these are just a few of the information products that you will receive (along with a Royalty-Free Reprint Rights License to sell all of this!)

Instant Infoproducts also includes...

  • Internet Cash Machines: Simple 4 Step System To Create Your Own Internet Cash Machines! Are you ready to learn a simple system that Master Marketer Allen Says of the Internet Marketing Warriors has used over the last 5 years to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in products and services?

  • The Complete eBay Auction Marketing E-Course: This straight forward low learning curve program is a self executing windows program. (.exe) Written and compiled by the staff of I.M.A.G.E.S. International Marketing And Global Entrepreneurial Services.

  • InterNETACTIVE: This is a powerful program you can use to dramatically increase your Internet exposure. It provides links to the Internet where you can advertise and promote your products and/or services for free. It also contains valuable information you can use to educate yourself on proper and effective online marketing.

  • Creating Profitable Classified Ads: Creating Classified Ads that pull in the orders like crazy Classified Ads can bring you over 90% of your orders How to make your customers take action NOW and create an army of silent sales men that bring in money for you 24/7 Make money while you sleep with classified ads working for you every day and never coming to you with a complaint. Take one classified ad that makes you as little as $10 and turn it into $100 or more every day.

  • Building An MLM Empire Using The Internet: If you are involved in multi-level marketing the Internet is the most powerful tool at your fingertips for building your down lines. You don't have to get the door slammed in your face anymore 2 gigantic kinds of networks are colliding to produce a new kind of economic synergy. Become a salesperson who can magically visit millions of homes in a single night.

  • Create and Publish Info Products: You can make gobs of money from home or work creating and publishing your own info products. How to create your own product within 24 hours and profit from it for life. Automate your entire info business while you hang out at the beach. Have more time with family. Make more money in one day than most people make working all week long.

  • 7 Secrets To Unlimited Traffic: This short ebook offers seven suggestions on how to increase traffic to your Website. Learn about targeting, ezines, search engines, and other techniques that take advantage of the power of the Internet to bring more traffic to your site. It's easy to read, the interface is attractive, and you may be able to pick up some pointers fairly quickly.

  • Scientific Advertising:  This book is responsible for untold millions of dollars in sales and profits. It is the book that many of the 'gurus' you know used as the foundation of their $495 marketing courses. Some who read it can not grasp what it means. Others who read it get affected so deeply that it changes their entire way of doing business and they go on to make fortunes.

  • Magic Letters:  How To Write So People Buy Now! If you want to make money on the Internet - this eBook is the first step. It will reveal the methods used by history's Direct Response Master's!

  • Opt-In Mailing Lists Manual: A step by step guide on how to successfully post your ads to 816 free mailing lists.

But, that's not all.

You'll also get a copy of the 20-Volume eBusiness Encyclopedia Set.

The 20 Volume E-Business Encyclopedia Set
is a collection of 20 digital or electronic manuals.

So, what's in the set?

Glad you asked. While it would take you three days to read a detailed listing of what's included in this set, we've made a summary for you to get a general idea of what you'll be purchasing resell rights to.

Here are a few things your customers will discover in the set...

  • Marketing With Email, Autoresponders and Information on Demand
  • A Guide to Good Web Page Design - Part 1
  • A Guide to Good Web Page Design - Part 2
  • Internet Marketing the Right Way
  • How to Get People to Visit Your Website
  • Actual URL Addresses for Marketing Your Website
  • How to Increase Your Business With an Email Newsletter
  • Electronic Marketing for Everyone
  • How to Develop a Worldwide Distributor Network
  • How to Recruit Dealers / Distributors to Sell For You
  • How to Write HTML in 10 Minutes or Less
  • Strategies for Getting Free Publicity
  • Creative Ways to Make Money on the Internet
  • The Key to All Ad Copy Writing Techniques
  • The 3 Key Words in Ad Copy Writing

But, that's not all. 
Also in the Encyclopedia Set is...

  • How to Send Anonymous E-Mail
  • How to Write Order-Pulling Ads
  • $100,000 a Year Recession-Proof Businesses
  • Where to Call For Free Printing, Advertising and More
  • 75 Mail Order Business Secrets that You Use On the Internet
  • 50 More Mail Order Business Secrets
  • Low-Cost Super Sales Boosters
  • 10 Easy Steps to Organize Your Business
  • Insider Secrets to Million Dollar Network Marketing Empire
  • How to Parlay any Network Marketing Program into a Million Dollars
  • 50 Ways to Make More Money In Network Marketing
  • Fantastic Ways to Increase Sales
  • Advertisements for Powerful Reports
  • How to Use the Internet in Network Marketing
  • A Simple $100 a Day Plan

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 
There is so much information in this 20 volume set.

Readers will also have access to...

  • How to Sell Your Ideas for Huge Royalties
  • The 50 Best Cash-Making Mail Order Dealerships
  • 100 Ways To Increase Profits
  • How to Pick the Best Publications in Which to Advertise
  • How to Design Winning Ads With Your Own Copy
  • 4 Ways to Make the Biggest Earnings as the Prime Source
  • 17 Methods for Getting Free Advertising
  • How to Write Classified Ads That Get Results Now
  • Insider Marketing Information for Entrepreneurs
  • 46 Ways to Get Money When You Are Broke
  • How and Where to Advertise
  • How to Use Referrals to Double Your Business
  • 37 Instant Money-Making Part-Time Businesses
  • Super Profitable New Techniques for Selling ebooks
  • How to Write Money-Making How-To Reports

Are you beginning to see how easy it will be to sell this set?

How about I show you some additional information that your customers will find very useful?

One of the Volumes in Infodisk Ultra shares...

  • How to Make $20.00 for Every $1.00 Invested
  • How to Succeed in Time Management
  • Your Money Guide to Free Government Grants
  • How to Buy Anything from the Government Dirt Cheap
  • A Low-Cost Online Marketing System
  • Ten Steps to Success in Direct Sales
  • Survival Tips for Small Businesses
  • How to Get Free Radio Advertising
  • Secrets of Getting Free Advertising
  • Secrets to Successfully Starting Your Own Business
  • How to Prepare a Business Plan That Guarantees Big Profits
  • Simple Ways of Raising Thousands of Dollars in Hours
  • How to Offer Money-Back Guarantees to Increase Sales
  • How to Develop Money-Making Ideas
  • Writing an Effective Press Release

There are over 1,000 helpful articles in the 20 Volume E-Business Encyclopedia Set.

Everything a business owner needs to know, including...

  • How to Market Your Own Products and Ideas
  • How to Write General Articles
  • How to Become a Publisher Instantly
  • How to Acquire, Create and Market Self-publishing Articles
  • How to Pocket $75,000 a Year or More as a Newsletter Publisher
  • The Best Way to Tell Which Ads Are Pulling Orders
  • A Quick Way to Generate $4,000 Without Any of Your Own Money
  • Analyzing Real Ads Part 1, 2, 3
  • 21 Steps to Home Business Success
  • 115 Ways to Earn Money With your computer
  • 60 Ways to Increase Your Sales
  • 24 Principles of Direct-Marketing
  • 111 Ways to Improve Your E-Mail Response
  • How to Write A Power-Packed Sales Letter
  • Million Dollar Sales Letters for Your Own Use

OK, OK.  Enough already.

These products sold individually would cost you almost $500. With Instant Infoproducts, you receive FULL RESELL RIGHTS on every item included.

So, when I tell you that it only costs $97.00 to purchase a Royalty-Free Resell Rights License for the entire Instant Infoproducts page, you're going to jump at the opportunity, right?

But, wait...

If you order before midnight  you will save an 
amazing 64% and can order Instant Infoproducts for only $34.95!

And, if you order today, we'll throw in a bonus to REALLY help you use Instant Infoproducts to your advantage. 

You'll also receive a copy of the Reprint Rights Riches Handbook.

Inside this guide you'll discover...

  • Insider Secrets to Quickly and Easily Creating Multiple Streams of Income With Instant Infoproducts.
  • How to Produce a Guaranteed Monthly Income Using Instant Infoproducts.
  • 5 Hot Reasons Why Instant Infoproducts Can Increase Your Profits By as Much as 300% In Less Than 10 days.
  • 4 Simple Ways Instant Infoproducts Will Explode Your Internet Business... almost overnight!
  • How to Use Instant Infoproducts to Add 100's to Your Ezine Mailing List in just a few days.
  • How Instant Infoproducts Can Help You Out-sell Your Competition... even though you're selling the same items!
  • How to Sell More of Your Product While RAISING Your Price... regardless of what you are selling.
  • A Secret Method for a Sure-Fire Increase in Your Affiliate Sales.
  • How to Automatically Generate More Traffic To Your Website.

Let's review very quickly.

When you order Instant Infoproducts you receive...

  • A Royalty-Free Reprint Rights License to Instant Infoproducts, including all 20 eBooks.
  • You keep every penny of every sale!
  • A website template just like this one, complete with killer graphics & killer sales letter to upload to your own website.
  • The Reprint Rights Riches Handbook to turbo charge your new business.

Obtain Your Own Royalty-Free Reprint Rights License to Instant Infoproducts - NOW!

Remember, to save 64% & order Instant Infoproducts for only $34.95 US

You MUST place your order before midnight  .


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