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This is the event we had all been waiting for ..

  • I invite you to come spend time with Bill Myers, and learn how to earn $15,000 a month from anywhere in the world !!!

  • This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to learn from one of the most successful Entrepreneurs in the world.

PLUS : get your FREE copy of ...

How to Make Big Money with Classified Ads !


You must have heard his name, or read one of his books -
probably even seen him on other video tapes.

Well ...

NOW is your chance to meet him in person, so to speak - and learn his secrets of creating almost instant wealth from anywhere in the world !!!

Many of you know that Bill Myers, the world famous Entrepreneurial Genius came to Australia (Cairns) to share his secrets with some of the locals. If you were able to make it to that event, then you know what Bill Myers is all about.

You know how in a few simple words and illustrations, he can change your life.

On this tape, Bill will show you how easy it is for anyone to create almost instant wealth from anywhere in the world, and he shows why creating wealth the way he does it - is probably a lot easier and less risky than your present occupation !

Billís philosophy is there are a lot more important things to do in life than to struggle making money. So, he has figured out several easy ways to almost instantly create large sums of cash anytime he wants - which gives him time to devote to pursuing `the more interesting elements of lifeí.

Bill says, ĎLifeís too short to waste on not getting what you want. Especially when creating wealth is so easy. Most people fail for the same reason, they create road blocks between themselves and success. If you can learn to pursue projects that donít have roadblocks, or learn how to go around these roadblocks, then success is easy. (This principle is deceptively simply, but just keeping it your mind could make a big difference in your own business life.)

Anyway, if you were one of those privileged few who had to opportunity to spend three days with Bill in Cairns, at his first Seminar, you already know how that event changed the lives of many who participated.

Many of those in attendance have already reaped large profits from the secrets they learned from Bill.

Comment ... from one attendee,
"Billís advice netted me over $300,000 in the first month" !!!

So, in every respect, bringing Bill Myers to (Australia) Cairns was an over whelming success, so he was asked to come back to Australia and spend a few more days sharing his latest secrets with us.

Now normally, getting Bill to do anything he doesnít want to do is a tough job, but getting Bill to think about coming to Australia, was not that difficult. Thatís because Bill Myers just loves Australia.

Heís been here twice before and he thinks it is the greatest place in the world.
(Heís right.)

  During the training sessions  

Bill discusses subjects like ..

  • The basic philosophy to follow to allow you to generate instant cash flow anytime, anywhere on the planet !
  • The quickest way to create an instant cash flow starting with nothing.
  • The lazy personís guide to generating $100,000 a year.
  • How to earn $20,000 or more in in cash in just three days !
  • How to remove road blocks between you and your future.
  • The Secrets to 100% Success with every project.
  You Get the idea  
  • If Iíve done my job right in putting this page together, by now you have a pretty good idea on what this event will be about. It will be your chance to watch and learn from one of the true entrepreneurial geniuses.
  • PLUS: acquire the tools and products you can immediately use to start making your own fortune!
  • When : For you NOW !
  • Where : Australia, this event was held at the Ramada Hotel in Surferís Paradise, and lasted for 3 days ...
  • What : "Kick Start".
  • Price : when Bill Myers speaks at an event like this, the admission price has been as high as $6,000 (US) per person.
  • But . . . a lot of people who want and need the kind of information, training and tools I was provided with at this event, simply donít have $6,000 (or more) to invest right now. And people who do have this kind of money, may be reluctant to part with it in our changing economy. So, for this very special event, a Video was made of Sessions 2, 3 and 7 Three complete sessions (Un-cut).
  • OK - here is the part you are probably wondering about the price, for the (3) three sessions, that's 2, 3 and 7 let me pause here, and fill you in on some of the basic costs.
  • Well ... my admission was $1,395 Plus: Air the fares - Accommodation - Meals etc. etc. etc. and, the purchase price for the Re-Print Rights.
  • So - I figure $155.00 isnít to much to pay for Kick Start (the Video, three hours of Bill Myers with the SAME 3 SESSIONS put to print, that's right a BOOK ... !
  • The BOOK, with graphics, and as far as I know, I'm the ONLY person in the world to do this.
  • So YOU will have an ORIGINAL, a 1st edition ...
  • and your Bonus: a copy of "How to Make Big Money with Classified Ads!
  But there is a catch  

If you want to participate in this life changing event, and to obtain your FREE copy of "How to Make Big Money with Classified Ads"! Along with everything else, you must contact us and place your order right NOW.

  ... So Hurry ...  

Based on the drawing power of Bill Myers combined with the extraordinary value of the material being provided, we expect to sell out quickly, so to take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from one of the real masters, as well as gain a FREE a copy of the "How to Make Big Money with Classified Ads" and the book, you must place your order today.

And, Yes!
You can use your Credit Card to place your order.

This is a great opportunity

P.S. This is your chance to get involved in an adventure, one of those rare events that can change your life. Not only will you be able to see BILL at work, youíll also be given the tools to achieve success !!

You get it all - the Video - the Book - the Tools - the Training on how to use the tools to create your own lucrative products, the techniques to market your products for up to $10,000 each, and the (BONUS) you can use to help you start marketing! (immediately)


Like I said before, this event can change your life.
Donít miss it ... Order NOW !

The package is Only $155.00 Australian


PLUS: Shipping & Delivery Charges.
Weight (Approx)
200 Grams $10.00

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