Australian Copywriter Brett McFall


If you've ever wondered why people respond in droves to some ads,
& avoid others like the plague, here's …

How to quickly and easily make thousands of dollars from your advertising &
attract ALL the customers you'll ever need … 100% GUARANTEED!

Discover cutting edge information (that would otherwise cost you a fortune to get from advertising agencies or marketing "gurus") to help you make more money and get more customers - no matter what type of business you're in!

FROM: Brett McFall,

What I'm about to show you is a risk-free, completely guaranteed way to discover powerful customer-generating techniques and strategies for your business. Using the strategies covered in just one of the chapters in this course, one of my clients attracted so many customers he had to sell his business!

What can you expect for your business? [That really depends on you].

But regardless, you can't go wrong - because I give you a rock-solid guarantee:

I guarantee that if you simply apply what you learn in this manual, you will make at least TEN TIMES it's cost in extra profit ... and I mean profit you'd never have seen without this powerful inside-information - within one year  OR IT'S FREE!

I can't be any fairer than that. The truth is, making ten times the cost of this manual in extra profits is just the tip of the iceberg. You can make much, much more.

That's because every chapter reveals the inside secrets of advertising that sell.
Strategies that not 1 in 100 business people even know ... let alone know how to apply.

In addition, I'd also like to offer you something totally unique. A free private Phone Consultation with me valued at $300. I'll coach you personally on an ad or sales letter of your choice - showing you exactly how to super-charge your ad for mega-response.

But, only if you're serious about making more money & getting more customers for your business …

Dear Friend,

  • Are you tired of running ads which get little or no response?
  • Are you sick of wondering how you can get new customers through your doors without spending thousands of dollars marketing your business?
  • Are you stuck for ideas on how to help your customers understand the true value you offer over your competitors?
  • And, have you had enough of competing on price & constantly lowering your margins?

If you're like 90% of small businesses out there,
you're sick of all of this.

But I want to make you an extremely bold promise. You can easily flood your business with new customers or clients. In fact, you can increase your advertising response by 300% overnight, with just one small change to your advertising!

And it can be done without spending a cent more than you've already committed to your marketing or advertising budget.

However, in order to achieve this, you must understand something very important:

98% of your advertising materials get looked over,
forgotten or thrown in the bin.

As a professional ad writer for over 12 years, I can tell you precisely why most businesses - which probably includes yours - are throwing good money after bad every single time they advertise.

These businesses all have one thing in common …

When it comes to advertising, they implement tired old methods that barely worked when they were created, and certainly don't work today.

Tell me if you've ever read or heard this about advertising: To advertise effectively, your ad has to appear over and over again until you've established a "name" in the community, or a "brand."

If you've ever tried this method of advertising, you know that you spend an awful lot of money way before you ever see any real pay off. What a horrendous piece of advice this is.

What you and I need is actual customers and sales, and we need them now. We don't have the luxury of spending thousands of dollars "hoping" our prospects begin to like us, nor do we have the time for the "effect" to take place.

My advice to you is to forget this conventional wisdom because it simply doesn't work. Instead, here's what writing over 6,500 ads has taught me about making a lot more money and getting a heap more customers from your advertising:

All you have to do is concentrate on showing your prospects what ..
UNIQUE ADVANTAGE they get through buying from you,
compared to your competitors.

That's how you get a huge increase in the amount of customers or clients from your ads. Because customers don't care one little bit about you, your company, or your product or service. They only care about one thing:

HOW you can make their life easier or better.

It really is this simple.
Unfortunately, it's so simple that most business owners miss it.

But if you don't realise this, and if you don't focus on what unique advantage you offer your customers, you're virtually guaranteeing your own failure. But would you like to know how you can go to the top the class (with 1/3rd the effort)
when it comes to mastering advertising?

Take what smart marketers already do to get loads & loads of customers, & apply their strategies to your business. You can by-pass the years and years of testing and measuring … as well as the thousands of dollars in advertising costs, just by modelling the inside secrets of ad writers who demand more from their advertising dollar, and making their strategies work for you.

  • But how are you going to get this knowledge?
  • Are you going to hire a "marketing guru" as a consultant with no guarantee of results?
  • Or are you going to grind away year after year until you work it out for yourself?
  • Either way, you could be up for tens of thousands of dollars.

There is an easier way.

To start making more money & getting many more customers than you currently are from your advertising, all it takes is a fresh approach.

Basically, to turn your response around you're going to have to expand your outlook on advertising.

The great news is, it's easy to do.


Because I've already been where you are.

  1. Perhaps you're struggling to make ends meet in your business.
  2. Perhaps you've tried ad after ad and nothing seems to work. Or worse …
  3. Perhaps you're not even really sure whether your advertising works or not - you really don't know.
  4. Perhaps you're lost for ideas on what to try next in order to get more customers.

Maybe you're experiencing some other challenge in your advertising.

It doesn't matter what the problem is, the cure is still the same. You need to learn some new methods of smart advertising.

Here's your ticket to a quantum leap in advertising response.

These answers & more are covered in my new course titled…


The simple little secrets that will blow your response off the charts, skyrocket your sales and attract all the customers you'll ever need … no matter what business you are in … 100% Guaranteed!

You'll be amazed at the exclusive and powerful information contained in this course.
It's packed with simple - ingenious & inexpensive techniques that:

Make it easy to create advertising which gets unbelievable response
Reveal what needs to be done right away to get your advertising to work
Show you exactly what your advertising materials MUST contain
Will forever change what you demand from your advertising
You'll never settle for no, or very little … response ever again!

This manual makes it super-easy to understand some of the most powerful techniques available for successfully advertising your business. The information it contains has been adapted from my highly successful, paid subscription newsletter, the Hot Tips Advertising Letter - specially written for people in small business.

I've taken some of the best information included in that newsletter - which I sweat over every month as I squeeze my brain for more and more juicy info, strategies and techniques which can flood your business with new customers.

But that's not all.

I've actually gone over the information again to make sure every single sentence is bursting with money making information, & then added more examples + more powerful advice to create a super manual.

Now you may be asking yourself,
"How does this guy know so much?"

Good question....

The truth is, I'm an intense learner. I've personally studied 84 advertising books [many up to 4 times each] not to mention that I've also taken 43 marketing and business courses.

And this is what happened after every course I attended or book I read:

  • I "tested & measured" every single thing I'd learnt by applying it in the real market, with real ads that I wrote myself.
  • Then of course I'd learn some more (the more mistakes you make - the more you learn).
  • And then I'd "test & measure" again.
  • Fine tuning my formulas every step of the way, until I built up a wealth of techniques and strategies which can now improve the advertising response of virtually any business.
  • In fact, I guarantee it.

Writing ads is what I've done now for the past 12 years.
Helping 152 industries make hundreds of thousands of extra dollars.

I've written 6,634 ads for ...

* Electronics Companies … * Entertainment Venues … * Real Estate Agents …
* Software Companies … * Curtain Manufacturers … * Mechanics …
* Garden Centres … * Chiropractors … * Financial Planners …
* Private Investigators … * Fitness Centres … * Corner-Store Shops …
* Industrial Manufacturers … * Accountants … * Publishers

and so many more - 152 industries!

Everything from huge corporations right down to small "Mum & Dad" corner stores. It's why a Sydney advertising agency charges a fortune when I write ads for their clients.

They know, I know, what works.

What this means to you ...

To put it simply, my 12 years experience writing ads means you don't have to waste thousands of dollars learning from your own mistakes. You could say that I've already made them for you.

And now you get the fruits of that labour.

Now I could tell you all I want about myself,
but instead I'm going to let some other business owners tell you in their own words:

  • "We had run our own advertising many times before, usually throwing together a photo and some words, and getting a reasonable inquiry rate. But when Brett wrote an ad for us, not only did response go through the roof, it turned those enquires into sales!"

Ross Menzies, Texcrete, NSW

  • "I had never used a professional copywriter before, but I thought it was worth a try. Brett took some basic information about my business and turned it into a benefit-packed ad that superbly educated prospects to my value. The end result? After letterbox dropping it to the local area, my walk-in traffic increased by 196%! The best part is, the ad didn't attract 'price shoppers' - instead it pulled people who wanted to pay for extra quality. Inside 8 weeks Brett had added an extra $19,500 a year to my turnover!"

Glenn Binskin, Riverlands Butchery, NSW

  • "Brett helped me lift the response of my direct mail campaign from 2% to 5.5%! An overall increase of 375%! My phone didn't stop ringing for 2 days straight, receiving over 180 calls - ten days later I was still receiving calls. To put it briefly, because of the success of that mailout my company stands to earn an extra $300,000 over the next 3 months! Thanks for a great ad."

Doug Gilford, Comrade Computers, NSW

  • "Words cannot thank you enough for this outstanding information, and your Inside Secrets Of Advertising course is now a very important part of our business. It's so easy to read and understand, and has answered all of our 'grey' areas. Again, thank you so much. It's fantastic."

Charles Borg, Dezigner Homes, NSW

"Brett, the wealth and quality of information you provide for the price is incredible.
Your course, Inside Secrets Of Advertising, is well presented and super-easy to follow. The case histories and examples are a great help in the understanding and application of the principles; and your 6-step system for writing money-making classified ads is worth the price alone. In a nutshell - this is simply a great tool for making much more money from our advertising. Thank you."

Gary Jameson, Emotional Healing Therapy, Vic.

Now let me ask you something:

Do you think that if you were me, and you knew what I know about advertising, that you could improve your advertising response just a little bit?

Do you think that would be possible?

Do you think that if you had more than a decade's experience writing over 6,500 ads that you might just stand a better chance of writing an ad which pulls in more customers?

Well, fortunately you can do the next best thing:
You can have my knowledge.

I could come & consult to you, but I'd charge you up to $300 an Hour - maybe even $400 an Hour if I was really busy. And it would be worth every cent too. Because I'd share with you advertising secrets that would make you tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. (And who knows, perhaps one day you may want to consult one-on-one with me.)

But there is an alternative.

Let me ask you something:

What would it be worth to you to have my advertising techniques and strategies right there in your hands, so that you could look at them anytime you wanted? [So that anytime you needed an idea or needed to recap on a particular strategy, you could turn a page and there it was].

  • What would that be worth to your business?
  • What if you knew how to bring in an extra 500, 1000 or even 2000 customers to your business in the next few weeks?
  • What would that then translate into dollars?
  • Probably thousands of dollars, right?

I'm here to tell you that these techniques have helped hundreds of people, just like you,
to fill their businesses with prospects and customers.

And in just 14 days you could be getting similar results.

My 180 + page course, INSIDE SECRETS OF ADVERTISING - The simple little secrets that will blow your response off the charts, skyrocket your sales, & attract all the customers you'll ever need, no matter what business you are in …[100% Guaranteed] will give you a host of cash-generating tools you can implement in your business right away.

All you have to do is study a lesson a day for 14 days and you'll have an education that even the top teachers in the country don't give their students. No theory here - just real answers from creating thousands of money-making ads.

Here are just some of the powerful things you'll discover
in this comprehensive course:


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