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Here are just some of the powerful things you'll discover
in this comprehensive course:

Why the advertising you're probably running right now is wasting you thousands of dollars, and what you need to do to turn that loss into cash

How to turn a "sleeper" ad into a "blockbuster" in just 5 lines (page 18)

The powerful tool which becomes your own unique product and "customer-magnet" (page 133)

What advertising actually is - you will be amazed! Some professionals aren't even aware of this (page 23)

The simple yet powerful way to make your prospects instantly feel secure in their relationship with you (and ready to spend cash) ... even if they don't know you from a 'bar of soap' (page 25)

How to get movie and TV stars to help you sell your product or service for free

How to get hundreds of prospects to seek you out (page 130)

Why you should never use a P.O. Box address in your ads (page 48)

The one mistake 99% of businesses make which loses them tons of credibility ... and thousands of dollars in sales

"The key to making people want to deal with your business over any other" (page 30)

How to turn a once-off stint of publicity into a never-ending credibility-building machine that brings in the $$$

The secret about human nature which expert salespeople use to make their fortune (page 19)

11 simple ways to make your business the "king" of your industry (page 33)

The 1 critical element which makes or breaks your ad's success - this you MUST know (page 53)

Where to look to find some of the most powerful offers on the planet - model these for your own success!
(Revealed on page 55)

Why classified ads can often pull more response than larger ads, and how you can do it

How to transform your marketing from the selfish stuff you've been churning out for years, into advertising that unrelentingly focuses on your customers and their interests (page 77)

How to stop wasting the bulk of your marketing dollars producing advertising that just gets ignored, forgotten or thrown away

Why prospects fail to take action after reading your copy (page 112)

How to reap the benefits only Hot Copy can bring ... not just once, but again & again & again

The one type of advertising which will send you broke (page 153)

How to write a great ad which pulls in tons of prospects and sales (page 168)

The business-killing barriers which make your advertising the world's best kept secret (page 88)

How your "experience" could be hindering you instead of helping you

The secret headline process which could make you millions $$$ (page 92)

The style of ad which attracts customers like 'moths to a light' every single time

My powerful 8 step system for writing ads which will have your customers "slobbering" to get your product or service (page 105)

3 things you can do to turn your advertising response around ... RIGHT NOW! (page 95)

10 show-stopping headlines that make money hand over fist - and yes you can use them in your business (page 106)

The quick and easy way to measure the response of your ads (page 73)

The simple little secret which locks your prospects onto your ad and keeps them reading

6 of my never-before-revealed SECRETS about how to create killer offers (page 58)

How to make your ad so irresistible prospects can't bare to put it down

The two types of 'benefits' - find out which one could be sending your business broke (page 118)

The formatting technique which pulls everything together and turbo-charges your results

How to simply reword an offer so that it improves response by up to 300% - and how you can find out whether it works within just a few days (see page 60)

How to let all your prospects know about your business even if you don't have the capital to reach them the way your competitors do

Why advertising to "everybody" is not your real goal (page 128)

The Yellow Pages ad which the "experts" said would never work, but which made it's owner so busy he had to sell the business! (page 102)

My simple 3 Step Formula for creating a powerful, money-making advertising campaign (page 139)

The simple, safe, no-risk method for drumming up more business than you can handle (page 175)

7 competition-stomping questions every business person must ask (page 141)

Easy examples of how to put these questions to use so that you can make your business totally unique and competitor-proof - no matter what business you run

The 5 essentials of a killer advertising campaign (page 144)

The key words you need to know which will hit your prospects hot buttons every time

The 9 advantages of using classified advertising for your business (page 65)

The simple way to make your ads super-simple to write, and even easier for your prospects to understand and want

The one inside secret of advertising that sells

My 6 step system to writing a super-powerful, response-generating classified ad

The 3 steps to growing your business massively (page 181)

How to get your customers to love what you write

10 "hot" examples of successful classified headlines (page 72)

10 secrets for writing ads which turn your business into a cash generating machine (page 156)

4 quick tips for creating exciting, motivating copy (page 172)

2 powerful endorsement examples you can model for your own success

I'm sure you'll agree this is an astounding list of advantages you'll be getting.

But I want to remind you that these are just the bare bones of what is contained inside this course. There's much more than I have room to elaborate on here.

One more thing to consider

You know, we can all give lip service to these things and say that "Yes, I should really learn that," or "I should really change something about my business." But it doesn't take long before we settle back into our old habits and continue to try the same old dud methods for getting customers.

The question is
How will you ever get different results unless you try something different?

And it's the people who ask this question and,
then actually do something about it which get the results they deserve.

What you've done in your business in the past has worked to get your business to where it is now. But that's all it will do. It won't carry you any further. Today however, you simply can't do what you've always done and expect to get a different result.

What you really need in order to get ahead in business, is NEW advertising strategies.

[1]  Powerful  [2]   Simple  [3]  Effective
Strategies which work like crazy in today's tough, competitive business world.

And that's precisely INSIDE SECRETS OF ADVERTISING - simple little secrets that will blow your response off the charts, skyrocket your sales, & attract all the customers you'll ever need no matter what business you are in 100% Guaranteed!

It doesn't only show what you can do to start increasing your advertising response immediately, but how to do it without breaking the bank. It's almost impossible to put a value on this. But if you paid market price to have me consult personally with you and explain these sorts of techniques and strategies to you, it would easily run up a figure between $3,000 & $4,000.

That's why this is the smart way to learn.

  1. If you really want to get new customers into your business right now
  2. if you want to be able to get a 300% increase in response overnight
  3. if you want to gain a competitive advantage over all your competitors no matter what advertising strategies they throw at you
  4. if you want to sell more of your product or service than ever before, then this unique course is crucial.

Here's how to get on the fast track to making more money and ...
getting more customers from your advertising guaranteed!

You can start making more money and getting more customers from your advertising right now - and discover a whole host of powerful strategies in the process which will help you profit long after you read the manual - by ordering your own personal copy of Inside Secrets Of Advertising.

  • The cost of this remarkable course is just $245.00 Australian - [including GST & Postage]
  • I think you'll agree this is a tremendous bargain for such proven money-making, customer-generating information.

Here's why:

The price includes everything I've told you about -
Plus ... 3 Extraordinary Bonuses.

I'll fill you in on these in just a moment.
But first, here's a little more about the course itself.

For a start, this dynamic course contains over 180 A4 Pages, jam-packed into a hard protective folder with information that reveals my secrets and favourite techniques for generating hot leads and customers. Basically, all the breakthrough information I've just told you about.

In addition I've made this information super-easy to understand by stopping every step of the way and giving you examples off the top of my head, as well as real-life examples too, so that you understand how you can apply what you learn in your business.

REAL Money-Making Ideas you can apply immediately. No matter who you are, how smart you are, or what business you're in, you can apply what you discover in this course to your situation.

That's quite a lot of advertising solutions in itself, and we haven't even talked about the BONUSES yet!

But here's the real test of value. If you could quickly and easily master the skills to make more money and get more customers from your advertising guaranteed, any time you wanted to.

Q: How much could that truly be worth to your business?

You could be talking tens of thousands of extra dollars year after year.
That's where the real value lies.

And that's why this manual is one of the best investments you ...
could ever make for your business.

Now let's talk about your 3 FREE Bonuses

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