World Internet Summit
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Featuring: Brett McFall

This eBook is proudly brought to you from the World Internet Summit

World Internet Expert Series [eBook] Featuring Brett MCFall

This eBook is proudly brought to you by Dunway Enterprises
from the World Internet Summit.

How To Sell High-Priced Information Products on the Internet and ..
Make Four Times the Profit for a Quarter Of The Effort

Easier To Sell One $2,000 Product Than It IsTo Sell 100 Products At $20 Each

"Revealed . . . How The Ad Wonder From Down Under Delivers More Punch Per Page Than A Rampaging Mike Tyson In His Heyday . . .

PLUS You'll Discover Why It's So Much Easier To Sell One $2,000 Product Than It Is To Sell 100 Products at $20 Each . . .

And You Get His Kick Ass Sales Letter That's Pulled In Over $1.0 million In Just 6 Months!"

Brett McFall

Dear Friend,

If you've ever wanted to sell high priced information products that sell for $1,000 - $2,000 . . . even $3,000 or more . . . so that you can make more money with less effort using the exact same killer strategies that generated over $1.0 million in less than 6 months for one of Brett's customers . . . then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's why . . .

It's always easier to make less sales than it is to make more sales . . . which means it's so much easier to find one person to buy your $2,000 product than it is to find 100 people to buy your $20 product.

One of the biggest barriers for people to overcome when trying to sell high priced items is purely a MENTAL one! That's right. It's your own beliefs and self doubt that could be costing you a fortune.

Forget about all of the myths and B.S. that you've ever heard or read about selling products for between $1,000 to $3,000 on the internet.

Brett believes and proves that you can make more money this way . . . than any other method . . . very, very quickly.

  • NO exceptions!

  • NO excuses!

In fact, his killer strategies for doing just that . . . overflow like Niagara Falls . . . big, bold,  fresh and ready to use INSTANTLY!

Listen . . . if you are only interested in selling a truck load of $20 products for the rest of your life, if you want to create more work for yourself then you really need to . . . and if you believe that you would NEVER be able to sell high-priced information products . . . you better stop reading this letter right now, because you are at the wrong website.

On the other hand, if you seriously want to learn the amazing secrets that have made $85,000 in three weeks, $1.0 million in 6  months and how to turn a $97 product into a $1,000 product with almost ZERO effort . . . then  please keep reading.

In this 46 page e book, that's got more punch per page than a rampaging Mike Tyson in his heyday . . . Brett McFall reveals some of the most simple, effective, powerful secrets that anyone can follow once they understand.

I Openly Dare YOU To Look At This List Of Gold Nuggets and ...
Then Tell Me You're Not Even The Slightest Bit Interested

  • How to sell products on the internet for around $2,000 to $5,000 . . . even if you don't have your own products . . . even if you're a complete newbie.

  • How you could half your conversion rate and make more money!

  • The simple little technique that can add so much value to your product for virtually zero cost . . . It'll blow your customer's mind! Increase your prices today.

  • The one key ingredient to your internet success. Leave this one out and It's like baking a cake and leaving out the main ingredient. It might look alright . . . but it's going to taste pretty bad. Leave this one out at your own risk!

  • How to ignore 99% of the people who read your sales letter and still make huge dollars.

  • See the sales letter that made over $85,000 in just 3 short weeks.
    You will be given the exact web address. Download it today.

  • REVEALED! What would you pay to see the million $$$$ sales letter that pulled in about
    $1.0 million in 6 months. YES! Brett will give you that link too.

  • Discover Brett's biggest secret to marketing yourself on the internet today.

  • The 2 potent questions that you must ask yourself?
    Answer these and you'll think you're the goose that's laid the golden egg!

  • The amazing story of an entrepreneur who made his fortune selling other people's product. Now, he's worth an estimated $200 million. What do you think you could learn from this story?

  • Brett reveals why branding and image is pure crap! Don't get caught in this trap because you'll waste more money than you could ever imagine.

  • Learn why you can get number one rankings in Google and not even make enough money to buy a cup of coffee. Brett reveals a true story of what not to do!

  • The one trick that you must have in your sales letter to sell a product for between $1,000 to $2,000.

  • How to outsell everyone else - without an advertising agency, without a big budget, without a big corporate website . . . in fact nothing more than the secrets he reveals in this e book!

  • The jealously guarded master strategy Brett has rarely revealed . . . that can grow your database in a matter of weeks . . . for FREE.

  • Brett's perfectly laid out plan that shows you how to get 52 products in a single year  . . . virtually for FREE. A guaranteed way to give your product a high dollar value.

  • The only skill you'll ever need . . . to earn as much money as you could ever want in your life.

And so much more!

YOU Get My 100%
Love It Or Shove It - Money Back Guarantee!

Here's the deal.
I know just how much value is in this e book.

That's why I am giving you a full 90 days to put it to the test and judge for yourself whether it's the real deal. If you are not 100% completely happy, if you are not 100% convinced that it's everything I said it would be and more . . . then I insist that you ask  for a full, 100% refund, because I would be too embarrassed to keep your money.

There will be no hassles. No fine print.

Either you are 100% happy or you are 100% happy . . .
and I want you to keep the book as an apology & and for wasting your valuable time.

You have ZERO Risk!

Ask yourself this question . . .

"How much would you pay to learn each of the 17 'Gold Nuggets' above?

If you ask me . . . they'd have to be worth at least $20 each . . .
so, I estimate this book is worth at least $340.

It's your for just $14.97 US

You tell me . . . where else can you get such valuable information for just $14.97?

So . . . what are you waiting for . . .get your copy of 'How To Sell High-Priced Products From The Internet And Make Four Times The Profit In A Quarter of The Effort'.

Don't blame me if you miss out.

Exclusive interview with: Brett MCFall

Every Ebook on the list sells for $14.97 US Each

As a BONUS I will throw in the 3rd Ebook for 'FREE'



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World Internet Summit Expert [ebook] Series

Featuring: Brett MCFall

How To Sell High-Priced Information Products on the Internet and ...
Make Four Times the Profit for a Quarter Of The Effort