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How to Increase Your Bottom Line
By at Least $20,000 Per Year!

Manual & Bonuses

"Serious About Wanting To Gain Lots of New Members?

Here's How [3] Staff Making Just ... 9 Phone Calls a Day
Each Will Gain You a Bare Minimum of $20,000 in New Sales"


"Use the techniques in this manual for a full year
and ... if you don't get a Minimum of at least 20 times your money back.

We'll refund your investment in FULL and ... give you $25 for your trouble"!

"Telemarketing is a cost effective, valuable part of our clubs marketing program.

In the last [3] years Kim & his team have generated over $1,210,000 in gross sales through telesales, & still average around 12 new members per week by this medium alone".

Andrew Zorzit
Director Definition Health Clubs (5) NSW


The only manual specifically developed for the Health and Wellness Industry, to help all staff, Managers & Club owners alike to achieve: more sales, increased cash flow, less cancellations, increased renewals, by simply getting your staff to spend at least 15 minutes of the time that you pay them for to make a few phone calls.

STOP paying expensive outsiders who care only about lining their pockets with YOUR money to run campaigns that end up putting money in their pockets when they are long gone and you're still servicing your members!

Here's just a few things that this indispensable manual contains:

  • How to deal with complaints effectively
  • You'll understand WHY telemarketing works
  • How to present professionally on the telephone
  • How to build rapport with customers
  • How to prospect and qualify the decision maker
  • How to make 7 out of 10 solid appointments on the telephone
  • Follow-up techniques and customer service
  • How to make a sales presentation
  • How to close sales on the phone
  • How to get referrals
  • How to get add-on business on incoming and outgoing calls
  • How to deal with complaints

You'll Understand

The six steps to preparation and planning

How to:

  • Achieve targets
  • Write a script
  • Handle objections
  • Prepare calls
  • Prepare yourself
  • Create a telemarketing system (organisation, of call-back times,
    paperwork and information send-outs)
  • How to overcome call reluctance
"Creative Marketing did a promotion for us, the promotion brought us approximately 560 new members. Kim kept us updated on a daily basis of how things were progressing.

We would not hesitate to use Creative Marketing again"

Regards Arthur & Penny Newson
Arthur's Gym Berkely Vale, NSW

Kim Martin has joined with Jenny Cartwright, Australia's leading telemarketing trainer. Jenny has personally worked on telemarketing promotions for Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Dennis Waitley, Jay Abraham , Michael Gerber, and Anthony Robbins.

Jenny runs packed $360 per person, full day work shops every month in Sydney & has been training individuals and companies how to use the phone to generate income since 1995.

Examples of some of her in-house training clients are Blue Haven Pools, Acorn Australia, Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications, The Real Estate Institute, R.M. Smith & Son, Hexal Pharmaceutical's, ID Warehouse,  Phytomedecine, Chandler Macleod, MSA, APS Chemicals, Nutri-metics, Phillips Components, John Grant Real Estate, Dept. of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Australian Casualty and Life, Delaney Kelly Golding, Integrated Machine Monitoring, Valuer General's Department and Tourism Tasmania.

"Jenny On behalf of the team,
we would like to highly recommend your services.

Your program was clear, concise and relevant in today's competitive market.
Even the most experienced senior telemarketers in our team came out of the day feeling more confident about what they had been doing as well as learning a few new tricks along the way".

Ruby Lockley - New Business Centre Manager
Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications

"Dear Jenny

Your training enabled us to get good results right from the start of our campaign.

The telemarketing promotion was a great success & the staff averaged a 56% response rate overall".

Tony Drew
Director - New Life Promotions

Here's more of what you'll learn to put $$$$$ in your Bank account

  • Ways of changing your tonality on the phone
  • Power words to use on the phone
  • Closing questions that will have your customer saying "Yes" every time
  • Why you need to create overwhelming offers for people to come to your centre rather than the opposition
  • The best ways to build rapport into a script, or at the front counter
  • How to create "Interest opening statements"
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • The reasons why people buy, find out their "Hot Buttons" to get that YES decision
  • Examples of effective" Trial Closes" to use to see what stage your prospects are at
  • Why prior preparation and planning is VITAL to using the phone to generate leads
  • Preparation and Planning in answering objections over the phones, some simple effective methods that work.
  • Overcoming "call reluctance" by setting the scene before you start phoning
  • The most common everyday objections used by customers and several different ways to overcome each and every one of them
  • The right way to confirm an appointment
  • Questions asked by customers in a "cold call" situation & suggested responses
  • How to ask for referrals
  • How to gain more customers from a front desk inquiry
  • Example of a renewal script, front counter/over the phone
  • How to overcome complaints and cancellations
  • Over 100 brilliant ideas that can be used in all areas of your business that cover ideas on mindsets, planning, organisation, tactics, techniques, action steps

"Creative Fitness Marketing undertook a marketing promotion for my business, I was initially hesitant - as I had done two previous promotions with another company and both had yielded less than satisfactory results.

Kim put a proposition to me with the end result being beneficial to both companies concerned. I found Kim to be well organized and kept me up to date with daily progress reports".

Should further information be needed please contact me on 249 4544.

Regards Norm Phillips
Bodybeat Aerobics & Fitness Centre. Malaga W.A

And Just For Saying "Maybe" to Trying Out this system you'll
Also Receive These incredible Bonuses:

Kick Start Your Telemarketing Success

(Value $35)

A power talk interview on CDROM between Jenny and Howard Tinker director of "lifetools" Australia, You'll get tips on how to, find leads, talk benefits, recruit telemarketers, ask power questions etc.

It's nearly the same as being in one of Jenny's, $360 per person per day seminars.

On Disc you'll receive a selection of form letters for all occasions
See the examples below.

(Value $47)

Thanks for joining, late payment? Wow letter, Personnel, sample of various job descriptions, confidentiality agreements, code of conduct & Acknowledgment. Employee induction c/list Code of conduct for employees. Disciplinary procedures and guidelines for employees. why spend hours on the internet when it's all done for you?

2 half - hour Phone Consultations with Jenny or Kim

(Value $150)

You'll have your most pressing concerns answered, or a script designed especially for your centre, have your staff give us role-playing calls, & get feedback to see how they are doing, whatever your management issues are we have the solution

  • One years subscription to Jenny's Telephone tips (Value $250)
  • Once a month get specific ideas on improving your phone skills,
    designed for the Australian market!

No Web presence?

We'll give you a Free website

(Valued at $69.90)

That's right we'll give you the fabulous siteinabox ( the Australian designed CDROM that will let you get your website up & running In ONE day, comes with simple easy to follow video tutorials, a help desk phone number, & includes one Mth's hosting free.

Go to - to see an example what this product can create ... straight from the CDROM that you simply load into your computer.

This alone is worth the entire price of this package.

AND if you're sick of paying huge bank fees for your merchant account we'll also show you how to accept any credit card, get instant approval AND never pay any bank fees again!

And... it's an Aussie company.

I use them and their GREAT! I'll also tell you how you can get all your local calls for as little as 12 cents each, it's the same company as I use!

A residential Data Base

(Value $225)

We'll give you a data base of up to15,000 names of the people that live within a 5 kilometre area of your centre Kick start your telemarketing, direct mail, etc promotions with this up to date data base of your prospective customers

"Jenny Thank you so much for the recent telemarketing training for our staff.

Telemarketing now forms an integral part of our marketing push in the Kiama market and the techniques and procedures that you taught us provide an excellent base for our sales people to develop and use".

Murray Bergmeier
Licensee - Kiama Real Estate

So what do you think that adding 20 grand a year to your bank account would mean to you?

Perhaps more equipment, an extra part time staff member or 2, to take some of the stress off you? Hell why not even a holiday! If you're like most club owners that I've met you probably need one!

What price would you put on a system that WILL give you those results (of course you'll have to take action based on what you read), would it be fair to ask for $1500? How about $1080?

That's what you'd pay to send 3 staff members along for a 1 day seminar with Jenny, or $840 that's what a 1 day consultation with Kim would cost, No - not even close.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get From this Unprecedented Package:

3X Manual's - How to Increase Your Bottom Line by $20,000 Per/Year $399.00
Kick Start Your Tele Success CD ROM $45.00
Jenny's Tele Sales eMail Tips $250.00
Various Forms & Letters - all on floppy disc $47.00
2X Half Hour Phone Consultations $150.00
Siteinabox Instant Web Presence with 1 Months Hosting $69.90
Data Base of up to 15,000 Names $225.00



YOUR PRICE JUST $397.00 Australian

PLUS: Don't forget - you get our outrageous
20 Times Your Money Back Guarantee - plus $25 for your trouble!

  • If you read the testimonials and are not convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, that at this price you're "stealing" well there's nothing more that I can say.

If you see the wisdom of NOT missing out please respond NOW.


Kim Martin & Jenny Cartwright

P.S: Please note you will get 3 sets of the manual to save your photocopying costs, if you need more they are available at a nominal cost, or you may copy them for use within your centre [only].

P.P.S Order within the next 10 days and we'll give you $50 Cash!

That's right we'll give you a $50 cash back rebate if you'll drop us a letter with 4 ways that you felt this package has helped you increase your business, and give us permission to use those testimonials! (you have 90 days to provide the testimonials)

P.P.P.S The Master Marketers Pack

With the exception of marketing everything else is a cost against your business!

You'll never ever be stuck for another dollar generating idea again, with this collection of cash spitting books from the masters of the marketing game - Dan Kennedy, Mal Emery, and Peter Sun, on CD ROM and valued at $197, they are your's if you order within the 10 days.

P.P.P.P.S If you're uncertain about the 9 phone calls per day per staff member and how it can generate these results here's how it works:

27 phone calls a day works out to about $4.05 cents at 15 cents per call, less if you use the service provider I do, it equates to about to 27 phone calls times lets say 44 weeks in a calling year (6 weeks for holidays, allowing the times you'll be closed, sick days for staff etc.. etc..  means 44 weeks times a 5 day calling week (I'm being conservative) that's just $20.25 per week in calls for a total of 135 calls per week or 5,940 calls in the year.

  • IF: Your staff book only 5 calls in each hundred that's 297 calls

  • IF: Only 35% show up (industry standard) that's 103.95 show ups

  • IF: You convert just a lousy 50% of those to sales (in reality - we hope you'll be doing much much better) That's 51.975 - New Members. Okay let's round that off to 52!

  • IF: Each membership is worth only $400 that's 52 X $400 = $20,800 in New Sales! PLUS - THERE'S SECONDARY SPENDING, AND THERE WILL BE REFERRALS FROM ALL YOUR NEW MEMBERS.

The figures above are extremely conservative,
& ... represent what we achieve in about 2 weeks!

Most clubs with good sales staff should be converting at around 70 to 80% minimum.

We're happy to help in that area if you need a hand …just call.

Kim, Jenny I'm excited!
Please send me My package Now!

Consisting of all of the above on page 4, I realise if I order within the next 10 days I will also get the "Master Marketers" pack, as well as $50 cash back after I provide 4 ways that this package has helped my centre.

I also understand I will be given 3 copies of the manuals to save me my photocopying costs.

I realise I am also fully covered by your more than fair
20 times your money back guarantee!

How to Increase Your Bottom Line
By at Least $20,000 Per Year Manual & All Bonuses
TOTAL = $397.00 [Australian] Inc.GST

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