World Internet Summit Expert Series
Featuring: Guy Levine

This eBook is proudly brought to you from the World Internet Summit

This eBook is proudly brought to you by Dunway Enterprises
from the World Internet Summit.

World Internet Expert Series [eBook] Featuring: Guy Levine

Who Would Love To Know How Guy Levine Hauled In A Massive £40,000 In Just Two Weeks Online?"

Guy Levine Hauled In A Massive £40,000 In Just Two Weeks Online! "REVEALED: How This 24 Yr Old Whiz From England . . . Thumbed His Nose At University, Has NEVER Held A Real Job In His Life  . . . To Become An Online Entrepreneur, Who Went From ZERO Income Online To A Six Figure Income Only Working 2 Days A Week "

Guy Levine

Dear Friend,

If you think you've heard all of the stories before about  what it takes to success on the internet . . . think again.

What Guy has achieved in 6 years is mind blowing, powerful and something you truly don't want to miss out on . . . unless you have no interest making money online.

He has done more in those six years short years then most people do in a lifetime and he's spilling the beans in this frank and exciting e-book.

Here's why . . .

In this revealing interview, Guy Levine reveals more gems them a jewellery store when it comes to creating an online income. He started off at the ripe old age of 18 and he hasn't looked back.

When an 18 year old can build a list of hungry buyers from scratch, generate £40,000 in just two weeks, sell 200 e-books with  4 emails and only work two days a week, you'd be wise to listen to what he has to say.

If you have ever wanted to work online, only doing the hours that you choose to do and desire a six-figure income just like Guy . . . then this letter could change your life in just a few weeks.

I Openly Dare YOU To Look At This List
Of  Gems And Then Tell Me You're Not
Even The Slightest Bit Interested:

  • How to build a highly profitable list of subscribers using simple, yet effective techniques just like Guy did when he was just 18 years of age . . . even if you don't have one subscriber to begin with.

  • How to use the awesome power of email to build trust and a relationship with your online list which means you'll get loyalty and a list of hungry buyers who hang off your every word YOU say. 

  • Discover how Guy sold 300 copies of his first e-book within 3 weeks of launching it, using a strategy so easy . . . a 12 year old child could do it.

  • Revealed: The one thing you must do when people mock you and say - "You can't do this". NEVER take a backward step again!

  • How to build strategic alliances with people to get your product or services sold.

  • Why you need to publish your email newsletter at least weekly to maximize sales and profits.

  • Discover the first thing you need to do with you online newsletter . . . even if you have NEVER written a word before.

  • Two steps to get you from internet beginner to internet entrepreneur - FAST!

  • Discover why you can have a small list of subscribers and still make huge profits. That's right . . . having a huge list is NO guarantee of creating  massive sales online which means you are better off with a list of quality people, than a huge list of tire kickers who only want your 'FREE' information and won't buy.

  • How to use a blog to create your online success . . . even if you have no subscribers, no product and no idea . . . just like Guy did.

  • The two neat tricks to use when blogging that grab the search engines by the 'scruff of the neck' and makes them pay attention to what you're doing which means more traffic, higher search rankings, more subscribers and future profits.

  • REVEALED: Guy's proven 'paint-by-numbers' system to making money online which means you can peel open his brain and see exactly how he does it.

  • Why you need to make an investment of time and money to be successful on the internet. No . . . getting everything for FREE won't get you there.

  • Discover the amazingly simple system that Guy used to create £40,000 out of thin air from his list of less than 1500 people . . . in just two weeks.

  • How to build a relationship with your list so that they eventually feel comfortable enough to pay you a high price ticket item . . . each and every month.

  • How to inject your own story and your own personal life into your emails so that your list feel as though they know you . . . which means they are more receptive to what you have to offer them.

  • Why you must give people what they want in order for them to become a buyer. This sounds so basic, yet so many people ignore this critical step which means if you just follow this one piece of advice you can have all the customers you could ever handle.

  • EXPOSED: Why giving away too much FREE stuff can damage your online business.

  • The one little experiment that Guy used which increased sales 1,200% in one short week . . . and he is convinced anyone can copy what he did once they understand.

  • Why it is critical to mix offline marketing with your online business. Avoid this nugget of gold at your own risk.

  • How easy it is for you to create your own product to sell on the internet . . . which means you could have your first product ready for sale before you go to bed tonight.

And so much more!

Your 100% Unconditional Toast Me
Or Roast  Me . . . Money Back Guarantee

It doesn't really matter if you are a seasoned internet marketer or a newbie . . . when you get someone at 24 years of age who has done as much as Guy Levine has done in 6 years and who is prepared to tell it like it is, so that you too can copy what he's done . . . you'd be smart to devour every word.

Just in case you still have some doubts, this is what I'm prepared to do for you.

Go through the book for the next 90 days, put it to the test.

If you are not 100% completely happy, if you are not 100% convinced that this is e-book delivers everything it says it will . . . then I want you to roast me like a pig on a spit and ask for a full, 100% refund, because I would be too embarrassed to keep your money.

There will be no hassles. No fine print.

Either you are 100% happy or you are 100% happy . . . and I want you to keep the book as an apology and for wasting your valuable time.

Is that a fair deal for an investment of $14.97?

I can't be any fairer than that.

You have ZERO risk.

Now It's YOUR Turn

Your decision should be simple.

Either you want to be successful online . . . or you don't.

If you don't, you've wasted your valuable time reading this far.

And I'm guessing that if you're reading this . . . you do want a successful internet business which means . . . I can't urge you strongly enough to order this e-book right now.

So . . . do yourself a favour and get your copy of "Who Would Love To Know How Guy Levine Hauled In A Massive £40,000 in Just Two Weeks Online?" . . . so that you can begin reading it in just a few minutes.

Exclusive interview with: Guy Levine

Every Ebook on the list sells for $14.97 US Each

As a BONUS I will throw in a 3rd Ebook for 'FREE'



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World Internet Summit Expert [ebook] Series

Who Would Love To Know How Guy Levine Hauled In A Massive £40,000
In Just Two Weeks Online?"