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Hello & Welcome to this Exciting New Site!

  • Have you got an old guitar collecting dust in the spare room?
  • Have you ever thought about getting the kids lessons?
  • Have you always promised yourself that you'd do it, but never seem to get around to it?
  • Did you, or a family member once get started - but somehow just didn't continue?
  • Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who has a guitar, but puts off lessons?

Well now is your chance to re-kindle or kick start that desire to play guitar WITHOUT the hassle of getting to lessons, WITHOUT the on going financial demands & WITHOUT the constant pressure of week to week improvement.


With the GUITAR MADE EASY work book/video package!

Hi, my name is Louise Slavnic and I created the GUITAR MADE EASY work book/video package based on 20 years of guitar playing experience combined with my educational background of teaching (Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education).

The Time Has Come!

Now you can help your children learn, learn yourself or even give as a wonderful gift,
the GUITAR MADE EASY work book/video package.

Which is . . .

  • Ideal for first timers of all ages,
  • Perfect for those who want to pick up where they may have once left off, and ..
  • The advantage, of totally removing all the pressures that go with having a tutor.
  • PLUS you are in control of the pace of your learning, and ..
  • You can have fun & enjoy learning in the comfort/privacy of your own home
    (where no one see's, hear or knows what your up to - how relaxing is that?)
  • Wouldn't it be nice to be there to support your children as they learn to play guitar,
    always knowing - what stage they are at and providing encouragement for each level?

package includes:

  • Simple lessons on 30 Min [VHS] Video or DVD to suit beginners of all ages
    (Now you can rewind & watch as often as you need, nothing could be easier!)

  • 50 + page work book clearly setting out - all you need for guitar playing success. (With or without the video, this comprehensive but stress free work book is designed to give you everything you need to have fun learning & playing for a lifetime.)
guitar.jpg (7286 bytes)

A Lifetime Filled With Fun & Enjoyment Awaits You!

Did you know that you could pay up to $30 or more per lesson for an indefinite period & be constantly under pressure to improve & pay up week after week?

Now you can pocket the hundreds of dollars you may end up spending with tutors & learn to play at home, at your own pace or be a support to your kids as they learn.

It's easy, thanks to this one of a kind
GUITAR MADE EASY work book/video package . . .


  • Australia - Great value for only $77.00 Australian - Including [GST] & P&H charges.
  • Australia - most places guaranteed over night delivery.
  • That's less than the price of two lessons.
  • The package includes the GUITAR MADE EASY - 70 page work book
  • And a 90 minute VHS Video.

This is a limited time offer that is subject to change at anytime.

International Orders
[outside of Australia] add $10.00 for P&H

Order now using your credit card & you will receive 3 FREE gifts
Including a guitar plectrum & 2 other valuable goodies!

The beauty of this unique package,
is that it can be used by more than one person to learn - and,
it's always available for anyone wanting to re-ignite - learning to play.

Credit card orders are sent within 24 hours.
Your statement will show [rate] countries conversion to Australian Dollars.

ORDER NOW ... Acoustic Guitar lessons [online] for beginners!

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For those who want to start today


ORDER NOW ... Acoustic Guitar lessons [online] for beginners!

  • Download the work book [separately for $37.90 Australian]
  • That's just a little more than the price of [1] lesson, for the key to a lifetime of fun,
    playing the guitar using the comprehensive & easy to follow 70 page work book.
  • Once your order is received & processed, you will receive a receipt & download instructions.

About the creator

Louise Slavnic ( Dip. Teaching, Bachelor of Education)
Business woman, author & corporate trainer.

Louise has over 20 years of guitar playing experience & over 10 years of experience instructing students from 8 to 80 years old.

"You'll always be glad you can play."

Louise Slavnic - Acoustic Guitar lessons - online for beginners!

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Acoustic Guitar Lessons!