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Exactly how many Internet entrepreneurs are making a serious full or part time income without a web site & without ever creating a product or buying reprint rights.

  • See a profit in as little as three days
  • No experience necessary
  • Insider sources and methods fully revealed.

From the desk of Andy Brocklehurst
Charlotte, NC

Dear Internet friend,

For some people creating an info-product of their own or even building a web site for a product they can buy rights to just isn't for them. And from those people I get emails asking if there is an easier, faster way to generate an income stream on the Internet.

For the last six months I've been talking to people who do just that. Some of them make their full time living from the Internet and yet they haven't written a product, they haven't purchased rights to a product and in many cases - they don't even have their own web site or domain name.

I was more than intrigued.

Thankfully many of them were bribable! I swapped products and services and plain cold cash for their insider knowledge and then tested the ideas they gave me and was frankly astonished by the results.

When all the information they had given me was collated and I gave it a try, in my first month of experimenting (while still on a learning curve) I made a profit of over $600.00

$600 isn't necessarily a full time income, but bear in mind that was made investing just a few hours into these methods. And it wasn't hard work at all.

In fact my 15 year old step-daughter did most of the work for me which further proves that ANYONE can do this.

Plus that $600+ was made in the first month of trying this stuff out and was achieved without any money out of my own pocket.

That's the beauty of this insane discovery...

You collect the profits before you pay for any of the advertising or any of the product you've sold. Not once do you have to hold inventory or tie up your own money. And there's no cheating here, you're not even using your credit to get this off the ground.

Here's the astonishing fact about this discovery...

This is NOT a new idea.

In fact since paying dearly for this information and collating it into a report I've found at least four e-books on the subject.

All of them were written a long time before mine, but every one of them is nothing more than a few pages of information, everyone of them leaves un-answered questions and NONE of them walk you through the process step by step.

In just a moment I am going to explain EXACTLY how this 'Fast Cash' system works and tell you EXACTLY how you can make money in your first week without taking a dime out of your own pocket.

But before I reveal this amazing system, you need to keep in mind that not one ebook or report on the subject has gotten close to the easy to follow, step by step, hand holding way that I've approached the teaching of this system.

So what is this wonder system?

Imagine this...

  • You place ads for a product but you don't pay for the ads at the outset.

  • Next you sell products to your customers and they send you payment in full.

  • Only after you have collected payment do you pay for the goods and have them shipped.

  • After you've banked your profits you pay for the ads you placed.

Sound to good to be true?

It's not.

First of all this incredible 40+ page report reveals internet based drop shippers who do not require you to have a Tax ID, business license or any of that usual red-tape paperwork.

These companies not only allow you to sell products and have them shipped to your customers without anyone knowing they didn't come from you, but they also, in most cases give you photo's and some sales information about each product.

There are no wholesalers on this list who insist you first take inventory and place minimum order requirements on you. And the suppliers we list sell a wide range of products.

If you never followed this plan and merely used these drop shippers to buy products for yourself at wholesale prices, this low-cost report would pay for itself in no time!

But believe me, this system is so easy that you're bound to go for the business aspect and rake in some money.

Next we reveal the REAL insider secrets to making these products available on Ebay and even on a web site if you choose to go that route.

Other so called 'Ebay Reports' are just a few pages of theory and even those that have some good ideas summarize it into a few paragraphs and unless your a marketing genius you don't stand a chance of making it pay off.

In this step by step guide you will see:

  • How to create a fantastic looking ad/auction listing using FREE software.
  • How to come up with a title to get your listing noticed and get people to buy.
  • What days of the week its best to list your item (yes it makes a difference).
  • Which Ebay features are worth the money and which ones aren't.
  • How to get your listing seen without paying for highlighting, bold and other expensive features.
  • How to virtually GUARANTEE people remember to leave you feedback (no matter how good your service is buyers forget - here is how to get 98% of customers to remember to leave you POSITIVE feedback)
  • The importance of testing and how to do it so you don't end up out of pocket.
  • How to legitimately list your item in a category where there will be demand.
  • What time of day should you list items? Does it make a difference? You bet it does - and the difference can be HUGE. The heads up is right here.
  • How to sell products without being the cheapest & without starting a price war.

And that's just the things that are relevant to Ebay!

This report details a lot more than just selling on Ebay for a profit.

Profiting from standard E-bay listings is just the start. This report goes on to reveal extra profit making ideas and advanced profit boosters.

If I fully explained everything else that's covered in this 40 + pages of fully illustrated pure dynamite too many of you would pass the offer by because either it sounds too good to be true, or I'm offering it for too cheap.

Too cheap?

Yes - get this.

You get a 40+ page, step by step
visual guide to fast cash generation for just $19.95 US

But wait... that's not all.

Full Resale Rights!

I'm feeling kind of crazy today and for reasons best known to someone else I've decided to include full Resale Rights to this book!

The only condition is that you have to sell it for $19.95 (you cannot give it away) and it can't be bundled as part of a package without written agreement from me.

But apart from that - no other conditions.

  • You sell as many copies as you like for $19.95 and keep all the profits.
  • You can even use this web page as a basis for your sales page.

Not a bunch of ads and affiliate links.

You might think that because the rights are included that this is just another book full of affiliate ads and links. But it isn't.

While there are several relevant links in this book (to drop shippers, etc),
Only TWO links (in over 40 pages) are affiliate links!

Then there are two more links that are mentioned in relevance that refer to two other products of mine and they are only mentioned ONCE. So this is far from a bunch of ads and links that put cash in my pocket!

So why are you selling this book for so little & giving away the rights?

Because I'm fighting back!

I'm sick of these pathetic excuses for ebooks that are just a sales pitch and nothing else. They've flooded the ebook market and under valued some of the best stuff by giving ebooks a bad name.

So I decided to lead by example and put out a simple, low cost product that had some good solid information in it and the minimum of ads/affiliate links.

The fact is, on the FOUR links that I can potentially profit from - I am betting I'll do better than the books that have hundreds. Because this book isn't just one big sales pitch. So I'm taking a chance and offering the book at a low price with full resale rights.


This report is supplied in PDF format, so it can be read on Windows, Macintosh, and many other computer platforms (but not web TV).

Visit www.adobe.com if you need a free Acrobat reader.

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