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eZine Success is begging me to re-name it to the eZine Profit Bible!"

Discover *exactly* how YOU can use my closely guarded techniques to cash in on the most effective eZine advertising ever invented! 

I'll show you *Step-By-Step* how to produce at least 5 times the results that you would from conventional eZine advertising!

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Steven Schwartzman's - eZine Success!


Learn how to make insane profits advertising in eZines

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Dear Friend,

If you've been doing business on the Internet for any amount of time,
you probably eat, sleep, and breathe the word advertising.

  • How do I advertise?
  • What is the most effective form of advertising?
  • Why is my advertising so ineffective?
  • How can I advertise to double my profits?

Advertising, advertising, advertising...
it is the corner stone of our business!

The most effective form of advertising is eZine advertising... it's a fact.

For years, my clients and I made huge profits placing ads in eZines, with the best results obviously coming from solo advertisements.

Then one day, a light bulb popped on in my head...and I realized that even though I am advertising successfully, I am still not using eZine advertising to its fullest potential!

I hate generalisations, but I've noticed a growing trend in relation to eZine advertising. This trend involves solo ads, and that solo ads are THE best form of eZine advertising. 

Well, this is not entirely true, and eZine Success will prove them wrong!

Solo ads are not the only option, and are certainly not the most profitable one.

Have I caught your attention yet?

Do you want to get at least 5 times the results
that you would get from a single solo ad
and ... for a fraction of the cost?

I thought so.


I donít usually write to ebook authors - but after reading eZine Success I had to contact you and tell you how much I learned from it.

I am just starting the eZine advertising portion of my marketing campaign and you have readily compiled every thing I needed in one eBook!

I have been successful in internet marketing now for over 5 yrs & I am quite confident that if I would have had this information when I started my net profits would be $1,000's more than what they are!

Iím off to take advantage of what I have learned.

George Chapin - ebookpak.com

eZine Success is a powerful 15+ chapter eBook
that will take you, step-by-step, into
my eZine advertising world.

I'll let you in on another secret.

Most of the Top Internet Marketing Gurus have been using this,
and similar techniques to generate tremendous profits, but...

Nobody has had the guts to reveal these closely guarded secrets.

Until Now!

In fact, if you come back a few weeks from now & discover this site and eBook are gone, you can guess why! (yes, the gurus will come after me, and I'm ready for them  :o)

This eBook will take you from start to finish down the road to writing a meaningful report.  It's with these small but powerful reports that you are able to get your advertisement in front of thousands of readers because of your "ByLine".

Steven takes you by the hand & guides you step by step, word by word,
as you complete the process of creating this report or eBook.

He leaves no stone unturned as he guides you from start to finish. 
If you need to advertise, and who doesn't... you need this book!

Dave Cox - reprintrightsetc.com

Inside this jam-packed eBook, you'll discover:

  • *Exactly* what hidden gift YOU possess that will increase sales, subscribers, and Profits! 
    It's time you used this gift to profit like the "Gurus" have been doing for years.

  • How to avoid paying for services that you could easily do yourself. 
    Why not use this extra money to purchase some of my other products? 
    (Ok...use it on whatever you like :o)

  • 3 *eZine-Power-Techniques* that I have used in conjunction with eZine Success to make my sales explode!

  • An eZine directory so extensive that you will make it your "One-Stop eZine Shop"

  • Why eZine Success is THE most *IN-EXPENSIVE* method of eZine advertising,
    and why it is by far the most profitable!

  • Exactly how I can *Guarantee* that your advertisement WILL be read! 
    No other form of eZine advertising can provide this type of guarantee.

  • Why people subscribe to eZines, and how YOU can leverage this simple fact to your advantage...
    it's much simpler than you think!

  • Exactly how the techniques in eZine Success will not only increase your sales, subscribers,
    and profits
    , but also your exposure and credibility!

  • 4 *Never-Fail* steps for finding out exactly what people want to see and read about! 
    If you follow these 4 steps, people will be stuck to your ad like glue.

... and this is just a small sample of the information you will find in the first 4 chapters!

That's about 1/4 of the entire eBook

When I say "Jam-Packed," I really mean it!

Here's one secret I will reveal to you here:

  • A small part of eZine success involves writing articles. If this causes you to cringe, that's great! 
    That's exactly why I decided to write eZine Success.

I *Guarantee* that you will discover techniques that you never knew existed
and be able to use them... no matter what your experience level is!

If not, I will refund you every single penny.

More on my *Rock-Solid* guarantee later.

Steven, I just finished reading Ezine Success.

All I can say is "Wow." After chapter two the ideas started to flow so quickly, I decided to keep a note book handy. You convinced me that anyone can give their business a big boost by using the simple formula you laid out in Ezine Success.

Thanks. Don Goss - lightningsolution.com


What can I say Steven, it took me a full year to learn the hard way the very same information you are divulging in Ezine Success.  Real recognition and success on the net only came after I started to write articles and submit them to databases such as Ezine action.

Heads up here folks this is sound profitable advice and an easy to follow practical step by step guide that will have you published in no time.

Well done Steven.

Robert Puddy - advertisingknowhow.com

You'll also discover:

  • A *Fool-Proof* guide to creating the type of article that you want! You will discover the 3 most profitable options, along with instructions & examples that even a fool could understand!  (Not that you are a fool :o)

  • What the *Most-Important* part of your article is... without knowing this simple fact you have already failed.

  • My unique, *3 Step Formula* for creating attention grabbing headlines
    These steps alone are worth the entire cost of eZine Success.

  • The *Magic* of the opening sentence. 
    You'll be astonished at how easy it is to unleash your creativity & create a truly *Magical* opening sentence.

  • What your article *Must Have* in order for it to be effective. 
    This mistake often goes unnoticed and can cost you huge profits!

  • The one mistake that 95% of writers make. 
    If you make this mistake, your credibility and reputation will suffer forever.

  • 3 *Do-Or-Die* Questions that YOU must answer, other wise people won't bother with your "Fluff."

  • 6 *Must-Follow* tips that will ensure you write the perfect article. If you follow these steps, people will think you have been writing for years! They will literally fly to your advertisement & purchase your product immediately!

  • How to write the *Perfect* closing
    It's time to finish off the article and leave the reader wanting more.... more of you! 
    You'll discover my never before disclosed secret of making the reader come to you! 
    In fact, the title of chapter 10 is "Now, go in for the kill and leave the reader wanting more!"

  • How to write the *Perfect* byline (advertisement)! 
    I'll show you examples of *Perfect* bylines written by well known Internet Marketing Gurus. 
    I have dissected them, and created a "4-Step Formula" for creating a magical byline in no time!

  • The one *Pit fall* that you must avoid like the plague! 
    I've devoted a whole chapter to this simple fact. 
    It's simple, but if you fall into it, nobody will EVER listen or read your work.

  • How to make sure your article gets published, and fast! I've compiled 10 popular eZine directories and a few paid directories to ensure you never run out of resources, or eZines!

  • The only definite eBook available on the Internet that teaches you, *In-Depth* how to publish your own eZine and profit from it.  If you haven't read this eBook, you are losing money. I guarantee it!

  • How to get your article sent out to 1,000's of targeted prospects, for the fraction of the cost of a solo ad.

  • The amazing, never expected twist at the very end. I'll astonish you with the fact that everything you have learned in this eBook. . (I don't want to give it away here!)


Got your book and didn't put it down till I was done. I've already finished my first article using your techniques and am ready to send it out. Your new book was a great guide to getting my ideas down into print.

I wish I had something like this when I first started out. Those that are lucky enough to get it right away will begin to see results they didn't know were possible.

Congratulations on a job well done.

Sincerely, Kim Winfrey - ebook-marketing.biz

Now here's the kicker. . .

You Can't lose with my 100% rock solid guarantee!

If you're not absolutely ecstatic and thrilled when you download eZine Success - for any reason at all - I'll cheerfully refund your money. No headaches, no hassles, and no weasel clauses.

You've got 6 full months to check it out!

eZine Success at a Special Test Price of $19.95 US!

Best Wishes,
Steven Schwartzman

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