"The Great Ezine Experiment"
by Ryan Deiss


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"The Great Ezine Experiment"

The Great Ezine Experiment by Ryan Deiss

"How I Turned a Simple Ezine into an
Online Empire that Earns Me Thousands
of Dollars Each Month" ... and

How You Can Do the Exact Same Thing

From: Ryan Deiss

"And to think...
it all started from just a simple newsletter"

I want to tell you a story.

The date was October 28, 2001, and I was absolutely, positively head-over-heals in love with a girl named Emily. (Hang on...this will all make sense in a minute, I promise.)

In fact, I was so in love that I decided it was time to buy her a ring. Now this wasn't just any ring, mind you, this was *THE RING*. By that I mean, the ring that I would give to the girl of my dreams when I asked her to be my wife.

But there was just one little problem...

I don't know if you've priced engagement rings lately, but they're anything but cheap. And since I had no money, I decided that I would get serious about this "crazy internet thing".

To make a long story short, Emily has her ring, and I'm now making more money than I ever thought possible. This Special Report details exactly how I did it, using a formula not taught by anyone else...

"So What Is 'The Great Ezine Experiment'?"

When I first got started online, I had almost no spare cash and even less spare time. I knew I wouldn't be able to sit down and write an entire ebook, and so I decided instead to publish a newsletter.

I called this, ďThe Great Ezine Experimentsince at the time I didnít know of anyone else who started their business using only a simple, free ezine as their first product.

(Notice that I said "product"... more on that later.)

The way I looked at it, newsletters were easier to create, required less time, and allowed me to build relationships and make contact more often with my subscriber base than any ebook could.

My objectives in ďThe Great Ezine ExperimentĒ were simple:

  • Create a unique and desirable newsletter
  • Promote it as a product to a targeted, niche market
  • Slowly build my subscriber base
  • Listen to my subscribersí needs and wants (especially their wants)
  • Create or purchase the rights to a product to meet those needs
  • Market that product to my subscriber base
  • Use the revenue generated from the initial product to roll out more & more products to an ever growing subscriber/customer base.

And guess what

So why am I now telling the world about it?

I wrote this Report because Iíve been there,
and I know what youíre going throughÖ

Let me know if this sounds like you.

You know the Internet is a great place to start your own business, but you have no idea how or where to begin. Youíve tried the affiliate programs and the so-called ďopportunitiesĒ only to be disappointed time & time again. You want to have your own products, but you donít have the time or starting capital it requires to roll them out.

In short, youíre stuck.

You have the desire but you donít have the vehicle. Oh sure, youíve read about how some ďguruĒ wrote a best-selling book or came up with some million dollar idea, but what about the average Joe or Jane who canít write and isnít bursting with ideas? What do they do?

What do YOU do?

Well I donít claim to be a guru or a world-class writer. If I were then what help would I be to someone who doesnít have those special talents or gifts? Iím a regular guy, just like you (unless of course you happen to be a lady, but you get the idea ). :o)

All I did was find a formula for succeeding online that worked for me. But more importantly, I found a formula that will work for *anyone* who's willing to work it. (And if youíre still reading this then I assume that includes YOU.)

How do I know it works?

Simple. My formula does not require much time or monetary commitment, nor does it require you to already have a million dollar idea or book in your back pocket. I assume that you are starting from ZER0, with only a little money and a lot of desire to get you going.

If what Iím saying sounds exciting, then youíre on the right track. This formula DOES work, and Iíve proven it time and time again. Now I invite you to put me to the test and continue to read...

"I've read through your report, 'The Great Ezine Experiment' and I love it! I think this report will be the foundation stone that helps many people formulate their own winning strategy to ultimately making a full time living on the Internet.

In fact, I'm 100% certain this is the exact information many people will need to get their ball rolling. To me, you've shown that making a living online can and is being done.

There are many who make wild claims about becoming rich quick online. You tell it as is - no fluff, no hype or jargon filled waffle - just the plain and simple truth about how pretty much anyone can turn their passion into a profit."

Brian Terry

Here's what you'll discover in
"The Great Ezine Experiment"...

  • The step-by-step process for turning a free ezine into an Internet empire -
    There really is a formula, and I lay it all out for you.

  • Why treating your ezine as a full blown "product" can mean the difference between success and failure - My business really took off once I made this realization, and yours will too.

  • How you can start building your own potential customer list before you even have a product - It sounds a little backwards, but it's the exact method I've used to launch all my products.

  • The three necessary conditions every ezine must have to be successful -
    Does yours have all 3?

  • Why your ezine absolutely needs its own website and domain name -
    Few publishers actually do this, but it's incredibly powerful.

  • How to create your ezine in almost no time by getting your subscribers to do all the work - This is the perfect format for busy entrepreneurs like yourself.

  • The exact methods I used to build my list and where you can get even better list-building ideas - I made some mistakes, but you won't have to.

  • Why the first products you market to your list should NOT be your own -
    Though my formula is centered around developing your own products, it's not the first step in the process.

  • All the tools and resources you need to give you that extra edge -
    I didn't have them when I started out, but you will.

In short, I'm going to give you the resources and know-how you need start your own online business with just a simple - free newsletter. It doesn't matter what industry or market you align yourself with, the formula I lay out in "The Great Ezine Experiment" will work.

And like I said, you won't find this formula taught anywhere else.

Best of all, this report is less than 30 pages long, so you can literally read it in one sitting, & then start laying the foundation for your business the very same day.

Plus, you're backed by my now famous...

Iron Clad, No Questions Asked,
100% Money-Back Guarantee for LIFE!

Read "The Great Ezine Experiment," and if it's not everything you hoped it would be, then please return it for a full refund.

That's right! No hassles... no questions asked.
Just a sincere "Thank you" from me for giving "The Great Ezine Experiment" a shot

And ... Here's the Best Part

FREE Resell Rights!

Yes, you read that correctly.

For a very limited time (and I mean "very limited"), I am going to allow you to sell
"The Great Ezine Experiment" & keep all the profits.

Heck, you can even give it away as a Special Bonus or package it with your other products.

The most important thing to me is that this report make it into the hands of as many Internet entrepreneurs as possible. (And to do that I'm going to need a lot of help.) :-)

But wait - it gets even better:

Because I'm also going to give you full usage of my website, sales copy & all the images you see here to use in your own promotions. That's right, no struggling to write your own sales letter and build your own website.

Just upload the pages & images as-is,
change a few links and you're quite literally in business.

But like I said, this won't be around forever so take advantage of it NOW!

This Report Could Be the Spark that Ignites
Your Own Online Business.

But You'll Never Know Unless You
Download it TODAY!

So now you must be thinking,
"How much is this going to cost me?"

Well that's the great news, because if you order today you can lock in a price of only $19.00 US.

That's right... for less than $20 bucks - you can discover the secrets of how I launched my own online empire with a simple ezine, and how you can do the same thing.

So what are you waiting for...

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime - incredible offer.

Best of Success,

Ryan Deiss

P.S. I'm going to be blunt about this. If you pass on this offer, will you be any closer to achieving your online goals? Probably not. Sure, you can keep telling yourself that "one day" you'll do something, but wouldn't it feel better to know that today could be that "one day".

You'll never know unless give it a shot...

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"The Great Ezine Experiment"

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"The Great Ezine Experiment"
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