Show Me How To Play The Electric Guitar!
John Stockwell

There are two ways to learn the electric guitar.
The hard way & the easy way.

Most guitarists learn to play the hard way
I know this because I'm one of them.


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When you first get your guitar home from the shop you are usually armed with a chord book or book of songs. These books, as well as videos, teachers etc tell you to learn a few chords. Which is the right approach.

What they don't tell you is that there are easier ways to play these very same chords. This is the exact same easy way that you end up learning somewhere down the track. And when you finally discover these easy ways of playing the chords you will say to your self.

 "Why the hell didn't someone show me that in the first place?"

Well, it's lucky for you that you are reading this.

Show Me How to Play the Electric Guitar

After all, what's the point of torturing yourself and tying your fingers in knots trying to hold different chords when I can show you ONE chord that you can use to play ALL the chords.

What's more, this chord only requires you to hold down 2 strings in a way that is natural and easy for your hand.

I will also show you how to play 4 of the most popular chords by holding down only one string.

By doing it this way you will be able to get a tune out of your guitar immediately.

And isn't that the reason you bought a guitar in the first place?

And not only will you have the ability to play all the chords using 1 basic chord shape, You will also discover how to navigate the entire fret board within 1 hour. That's right, you will be given the ability to name all the notes on the guitar up and down the entire length of the neck within seconds.

The Simplicity Of This System Will Blow You Away!

This is guitar knowledge that you can learn in seconds and that stays with you for a lifetime.

"Hi John, I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with your DVD. I have been playing for 6 months now with little improvement. The way you explain things in plain English is brilliant. My playing has improved out of this world. At last I understand the relationship between the chords. Thanks again.í

Phillip Rose, Sacramento, CA

In this DVD you will discover...

  • The two lethal rhythm techniques used by all rock gods to achieve a driving rhythm
  • How to double your playing speed using one simple picking technique
  • The 3 chord shapes that allow you to play ALL major and minor chords
  • How to predict what chords will be played next in any song
  • The one simple scale that all music is built on and how to use it so you can finally understand music theory
  • How to hold chords so that your hands don't ache
  • How to use your practice time so that you can progress at the fastest possible speed
  • How to play the same chord at different positions on the neck.
  • How to build a library of rhythms in your head so that you don't have to rely on books and written materials.
  •  How to use song books as inspiration to develop your own original music

 As well as learning the easy way, you will also be shown the hard way.

You will also be given the so called "correct" way to play the chords. I'll show you all the open and barre chords so that you can make an informed choice as to how you want to learn the guitar.

So what you end up with is a set of fundamental skills that are easily remembered so that you don't have to rely on books or any other form of written material.

As well as the DVD and because I'm such a good bloke I'll chuck in a whole stack of FREE lessons to the value of $236.

Bonus #1:

  • You will receive 2 CD's of drum tracks so you donít have to buy a metronome or drum machine. There are 23, three minute tracks that cover different styles and tempoís to suit one and all. (value $54).

Bonus #2:

  • "Release The Rock". This audio course gives you the ability to play by ear so that you don't have to rely on song books or tab. (Value $27)

Bonus #3:

  • You will receive "How To Write Riffs That Rock Volume 1 and 2" (value $54). These CD's give you more songs to practice. You are taken step by step through the creation of 20 rock songs.

You will gain a deep understanding of how songs are pieced together and the process of creating a song.

From choosing a key, to adding the rhythm section (drums and bass), to adding lead solos.

You can even outright steal these songs from me and use them as your own as there are no lyrics. All you need do is to write some words and they are yours.

Bonus #4:

  • I'll also let you have the internationally acclaimed audio course "Real Guitar For Real Guitarists" This course allows you to tap into 21 years worth of guitar playing experience and gives you the ability to play in any key using one simple memory trick. (Value $47)

Bonus #5:

  • You also get "No Nonsense Lead Scales Book" (value $27)

Bonus #6:

  • You also get "The Ultimate Chord Dictionary" so that you don't have to wonder about what chords you should put to memory. (value $27)

A total of $236 worth of 'Free Lessons'.
All audio's are MP3, all Ebooks are PDF format & come on a separate CD.

Here's what a happy customer had to say:

I bought the 'Cut the Crap DVD' and got a bunch of extraís too, theyíre great.  Heaps of practical stuff I didnít get from Ďlearn toí books. My two kids use them as well, which adds to the value.

Kristo, Queanbeyan,  NSW.

The price for the Package plus all the bonuses is $37.00 US
Plus $8.75 P&H

Now that's a real bargain.

This is not some virtual course that is delivered over the net or one of those "pay for entry" sites. This is the real deal. These are hard goods that I will post out to you in the mail.

1 DVD and 1 CD absolutely chock-a-block jam packed with great guitar knowledge, tips, tricks, shortcuts and downright guerilla tactics that will not only get you playing fast, but will give you a complete understanding of this wonderful instrument.

"I received your item. It made it all the way to South Texas without getting wet. Delivery was fast - arriving via air mail. I reviewed your DVD & within 2 hours I noticed much improvement in my playing. I'm very happy. Good job John. Thanks very much! I'm going to start visiting your website. Take care."

Daniel Luna
San Antonio, Texas

Still Not Sure If This Is Right For You?

What if I told you that there is absolutely no risk involved.

If you donít like it you can have your money back.

The reason I say this is because it is natural to be skeptical. You donít know me from a bar of soap so why should you believe anything I say? So Iím willing to put my nuts on the chopping block and hand you the meat clever!

Guarantee for 365 days from the date of purchase.

If I donít deliver exactly what Iíve promised, you get your money back & I get a squeaky voice. This guarantee lasts for 365 days from the date of purchase.

All I ask is that you tell me where I went wrong so that I can improve it for others.

before I change my mind & put the price up.


How To Play The Electric Guitar!
ONLY $37.00
+ $8.75 P&H = $45.75 US

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How To Play The Electric Guitar!

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