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Tom Dahne's Ebook Tutorial Software

Full Resale Rights Included

Professional Ebook Cover Creation Tutorial

Tom Dahne's ebook cover creation tutorial software is excellent. He basically takes you by the hand and guides you step by step through every stage of creating your very own professional ebook covers.

Most professional ebook cover creator's are charging upwards of $99.00 per ebook cover.

Now you can make thousands of ebook covers if you want to for less then a third of the price people are paying for one.

Professional Ebook Cover Creation Tutorial Sells For $34.95 US

Ebook Cover Templates

More than 120 eBook covers & Software box templates ready for you to add wording and graphics.

  • Now you can create images for your information products in just minutes.
  • Use the images for your self or sell them to the others, even just to sell the Templates.

Whatever you choose to do.
You keep every cent you make.

Ebook Cover Templates

Full Resale Rights included

Ebook Cover Templates Sells For $19.99 US

How to use Activ Ebook

Full Resale Rights included

How to Use Activ Ebook

Activ ebook is one of the best compilers on the market and in this no thrills ebook you will be taken on a step by step picture tutorial.

Discover just how easy it is to create ..
your very own ebooks.

How to Use Activ Ebook Sells For $14.95 US

Internet Profits The Quickway

I just paid $19.95 for this just released ebook which adds incredible value to our ebookresellerkit package.

"You too can create your own unique product in no time flat and then sell it like crazy from a simple single page web site"

It's time to discover the secret to building a profitable online business ... The Quick Way

Internet profits the quick way

Full Resale Rights included

Internet Profits The Quickway Sells For $19.95 US

Self Publish At The Speed Of Thought
Full Resale Rights included

Self Publish At The Speed Of Thought

Learn how to self-publish your thoughts and your eBooks with the best selling eBook author and self-publisher.

This eBook will walk you step by step through writing your first eBook and then present free resources and marketing plans that will allow you to market your eBooks using the same free resources that helped the author publish 3 eBook best sellers and two print on demand best selling title at

Self Publish At The Speed Of Thought Sells For $28.99 US

A Cheap & Easy Guide To Self publishing Ebooks

This eBook is a complete guide that teaches step by step instruction on how to publish your eBooks.

It includes where to find the most up-to date marketing information, how to sell eBooks without "talking and selling" anyone.

This eBook includes many marketing techniques that require no marketing budget. It also teaches you how to negotiate eBook publishing contracts from your computer at home.

A Cheap & Easy Guide To Self publishing Ebooks

Full resale rights included

A Cheap & Easy Guide To Self publishing Ebooks Sells For $9.97

Your Ebook Daily Marketing Plan
This is a detailed daily eBook Marketing Plan designed for a period of four weeks to help you to market your eBooks on-line. Perform just 3 marketing activities per day and you will begin to see the best possible results within 60 days or less.

Your Ebook Daily Marketing Plan

Millenium Info

Full Resale Rights included

Millenium Info

Millennium Info Reports software eBooks have hundreds of reprintable in-depth reports!

Many subjects are covered in 4 different eBooks!

Over 8MB packed full of content you can use for new eBooks - websites - newsletters and more!

Cut & Paste!

Millenium Info Sells For $19.99

Create And Publish Infoproducts

  • You can make gobs of money from home or work creating and publishing your own info products.
  • How to create your own product within 24 hours and profit from it for life.
  • Automate your entire info business while you hang out at the beach.
  • Have more time with family.
  • Make more money in one day than most people make working all week long.

Create & Publish Infoproducts

Dynamic Ebook Design

Ebook design is an important issue that is often over looked.

You know how to write it,
you know how to promote it.

Do you know how to design it?

Dynamic Ebook Design
Full Resale Rights Included

Dynamic Ebook Design Sells For $14.95 US

Creative Product

Full Resale Rights Included

Creative Product Creation

If you have been on the Internet for very long - you have probably figured out that you need to create your own product to sell.

If you wish to succeed on the Internet you must be the prime source of the products you sell!

Creative Product Creation Sells For $17.00 US

42 Ready to Compile eBooks

Your reprint license provides phenomenal potential.

Here are just some of the topics you can build upon.

  • What websites will pay you good money for recommending customers.
  • Get Paid To Watch TV.Start a business with your computer.
  • Start to turn your 'spare time' into cash!
  • Make your fortune by self-publishing your own books, manuals, reports, or newsletters.
  • Make Millions from Mail Order. .
  • Direct marketing can make you money. .
  • Find out more quick and easy ways to make money from home!
  • Unusual and effective ideas. And lots more...

42 Ready to Compile eBooks

Full Resale Rights Included

42 Ready to Compile eBooks Sells For $18.99 US


55 Ebook Marketing Ideas:
Written by Monique Harris who is a leader in the ebook publishing industry. She has compiled a list of marketing resources that you can start using IMMEDIATELY to increase your e-book sales.

Ebook Submitter:
A wonderful resource for all ebook author's, in this book you will find all of the major ebook stores and publishers who will accept submissions for your ebook.

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