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Create PDF eBooks Instantly [June Yeap] Free to Nearly Free Tools!
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From: June Yeap
Re: Create Instant PDF

One of the most effective ways to promote your web site is to distribute your own ebooks to as many people as possible. The goal is to have everyone that leaves your site, leave with something to remember you by - ideally a PDF ebook.

Learning how to compile a PDF ebook can help you generate the highest number of downloads per month possible. You have heard it time and time again, if you want to sell ebooks online, you have to make your ebooks available to as many people as possible.

Anything else and you risk alienating the portion of your visitors that can't accept your free gift or pay you for your ebook.

PDF Files Are Universal

A PDF ebook can be read by all types of computers, not just Windows PCs, but also Macs, Unix and Linux boxes, HP, Sun and .... more.

Unlike .EXE ebooks (which Mac users cannot see), a PDF file can be viewed on any operating system including MacOS, and all Unix variants - including Linux using the Free - Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Many times, we see ebook publishers creating ebooks in an .exe format because they can do it for cheap. But .exe files ONLY run on computers that use Windows.

Create PDF eBooks Instantly - 100% Resell Rights Included!
  • What about Mac users?
  • Are they going to be left out?
  • Are you going to leave the profits on the table?

When viewed & printed, PDF files contain all the fonts, graphical information, layout & formatting of an original printed document.

It's a universal document that makes a lot of people a lot of money.

Online 'publishers' (anyone can do it... especially now) compile a series of text files or web pages into one secure document that can be downloaded on to any computer.

They call it an 'ebook' and sell it for a lot of money.

And the truth is...
readers prefer PDF files to any other format.

Forget about spending your precious time learning how to use Adobe Acrobat Software.
And, don't let the high price tag scares you away. (it costs $249!)

Enough already, NOW IS THE TIME TO ... Start reading the Start Creating PDF eBook and start making more money than you ever could before!

Here's just some of the information that's inside the
Create Instant PDF - Ebook

  • A huge listing of over 20 Secret Tools (from a few bucks to all free!) that require no full version of Adobe Acrobat software.

Every company on the Internet is listed & all for only $17.00!

  • Extremely easy-to-use software.
    Just press a few clicks of the mouse button and presto!

  • Turn your ebook into a PDF file is just a matter a few minutes.
    No deep learning curve.
    [Everything is as easy as pressing a few buttons].

  • Support a wide variety of files - HTML, text files, .JPG, .GIF, RTF (Rich Text Format) TXT (Simple Text Format), .DOC (MSWord Format), .XLS (MSExcel(R) Format), .PPT (MSPowerPoint(R) Format)

  • Automatically attach the PDF file to a new e-mail from your existing e-mail program so that you can send it out just by pressing the 'Send' button.

  • You can password protect your PDF files or encrypt them for maximum security!

  • Prevent readers from printing, editing or even copy & paste your PDF files!

  • Support a huge selection of languages such as Russian, Turkish, Baltic, East Europe, Greek, CJK charsets.

  • You can even print water marks across all or some of the printed pages (A good way to protect your work!)

  • Some of the services are completely web-based.
    That means you don't have to download anything - just upload your files and press a few buttons and your PDF will be generated on the fly for you! [No software to buy].

  • Generate book marks in PDF automatically!

  • Easily combine two or more files into one, set preferences for page orientation and naming conventions, create stationery files, embed fonts, extract text, PLUS ...  much more. [Just like how you'll do it in Adobe Acrobat]

  • You'll even find 100% Free software & online services!
    Why pay $249.00 for Adobe Acrobat when you can produce the same PDF files for

Just look at the endorsements & raving reviews people are giving Create Instant PDF:

"June, This ebook came far, far too late for me. But for those who have no intention of wasting $250.00 like I did, but want to produce PDF documents, this is definitely THE resource. Nice work!" Steve Shaw,

"June's collection is going to be my "reference-ebook" whenever I want to work with PDF files. I was amazed to read how many resources exist for creating PDF files for almost zero cost! Also the list with the ebook covers' creators and all other bonuses make this ebook a "must-have" for every ebook creator." John Delavera,

"June, you're my saviour no joke! I spent the last 20 days combing the web for a top quality pdf generator and yet I couldn't get one that I like. But your ebook has it all. I found 2 very good ones and you know what, I don't have to pay for them. How about that? Thanks a million!" Marcus Yong - Editor, Lightning Quick Tips!,

"Compiling an ebook in PDF format is gaining much popularity. The only problem is that the softwares for compiling these ebooks are rather expensive. June has done an excellent job by researching in depth the various alternatives available. This ebook,'Create PDF ebooks Instantly!' will reveal to you the various software and resources available that will save you years and frustration searching for it. I'm very impressed and would highly recommed it!" Richard Quek, Author of 'The Internet Money Machine',

"June, This is an excellent resource! I love the way you have listed just about every site that offers PDF solutions. You have just made life easier for the large number of people who shy away from PDFs because of its cost or complex nature. The best part of your eBook is of course the web based PDF solutions - helping me create PDFs from anywhere in the world!" - Pooja Srinivas, and

"Create Instant PDF" is an extremely valuable resource for self-publishers. It actually convinced me to switch to the 'pdf' format - as opposed to the more traditional 'exe' format, for Windows-only users." - Armando B. Silva,

FOR $17.00 you receive the ...

Create Instant PDF Ebook which LISTS valuable information that any ebook publishers can use.  And when you take advantage of this offer before , you'll also get the following [2] FREE BONUSES.

Bonus #1: Full Resell Rights to "Create Instant PDF" -- With this Special License, you can RESELL "Create Instant PDF" for $17.00 and pocket all the money.

You can sell it individually or if you have a newsletter or a product, you can include it as a bonus to persuade them to sign up.(A $79.97 value)

Bonus #2: Life-time Free Updates -- You also receive free updates (and up grades) for life. This means no matter how many times we republish this ebook, you will receive notification and information on how to download the latest version - absolutely FREE. (A $27.97 value.)

Now that you've realized the importance of those PDF compilers, go ahead give Create Instant PDF a try. This offer is 100% guaranteed. If you're not satisfied for any reason what so ever, simply tell us and you'll get a prompt & courteous refund. No questions asked.

To your success,

June Yeap and 'Ken Dunn - Dunway Enterprises'
Create Instant PDF

P.S. If you're not 100% convinced that Create Instant PDF shows you exactly where to get the software needed for you to create professional PDF ebooks for free or nearly free, then simply tell us, and we will issue you a prompt & courteous refund.

Take advantage of this risk-free offer today - before time runs out!

It Doesn't Matter If It's - 2.00 AM in the Morning.   :-)


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