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Corgi Owners Are Going Crazy To Discover The Secrets That Will ...
Guarantee that YOUR Corgi is given the best upbringing currently available ...
by using these 'Foolproof Methods'.

'The Corgi Lovers Guide' eBook


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From the Desk of Ken Dunn - Dunway Enterprises

Dear Corgi Lovers,

Selecting the right puppy for your family is an important decision, after all a puppy is for life and it's difficult to choose which beautiful puppy to bring home with you when faced with a litter of gorgeous Corgi puppies. You can, if you're unaware, select a puppy that on the surface is ideal for your family, only later to find that your puppy was the runt of the litter or has health and behaviour problems that could have been avoided had you been forewarned with the contents of 'The Corgi Lovers Guide'.

This book reveals everything you want and need to know about Corgi's, starting with a very special section on how to select the healthy puppy from the runt of the litter all the way through to your puppies early years and will reveal 48 secrets that over 100 breeders and owners of Corgi use every day themselves.

You will have so much fun as you and your Corgi have play training, a method discovered by professional breeders and owners that will delight and amaze you as your puppy quickly learns fast without realising she is being trained, she will be there wagging her tail, eager to please, beaming with pleasure and happiness as she quickly becomes your ever present companion.

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

'The Corgi Lovers Guide' is really a very special book, written by Corgi Lovers for Corgi Lovers of all ages from puppies to older dogs,
it is the complete e-book that is a must have for all Corgi owners who love their dogs and want only the best for them.

You'll Discover...

  • The one food you must never ever give to your Corgi

  • A seven point checklist you must have if your considering purchasing a Corgi, two secrets are crucial that you must know!

  • The best way to arrange your home so it's inviting and safe for your Corgi Puppy

  • How to understand your corgi's body language so you have an almost telepathic understanding, your friends will be amazed

  • Discover why buying low cost foods for your Corgi will quickly become an expensive mistake!

  • The inside secret to obedience training and how your Corgi will quickly master play training overnight!

  • Three ways to preventing health problems for your Corgi, you'll save hundred's of dollars on vet bills!

And so much more, too much to reveal in this letter!

Banish Biting & Chewing Fast!

Your puppy will enjoy your training sessions so much that in no time at all will be house trained and
 will quickly learn that your treasured furniture and carpets are off limits and not to be chewed or spoiled.

Follow our methods from day one and teach your puppy correctly from the beginning.

You set the boundaries that your Corgi Puppy will follow.

We will provide you with 5 inside secrets that 100 top breeders use,
based on dog psychology and successfully used by other dog owners with the same problems,
that control and stop biting and chewing.

Even playful mouth chewing by pups will be controlled using these methods so that your pup grows up into a well-behaved dog,
that you can be proud of.

Banish Barking Overnight

Your neighbours will love your Corgi puppy when you start using these methods.

We show you 4 inside secrets of the most effective ways you’ll learn to control your puppy’s barking that will have an immediate effect.

Banish Carpet Wetting & Fast

Save all the expense of carpet cleaning and replacement by training your pup immediately.
You’ll find out to how to avoid carpet wetting and anxiety quickly, once and for all with these most successful 6 method's,
your puppy will quickly become confident, relaxed and happy in his home.

Warning: Chapter 15 Pages 86 to 89

You need to know how Damaging and Harmful These Food and Liquids Can Be To Your Corgi Puppy!

These pages could save your puppy's life. You'll be so glad you read them!

They'll also save you large vet bills!!

Fun & Games Training Secrets!

Sensational Fun & Game Training methods in Chapter 13...
where you'll watch and roll with laughter, includes:

  • Fun Filled Frisbee Games
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Musical Chairs
  • Wag-Your-Tail Contest

Your puppy will never realize it is being trained and will learn obedience overnight!

Here's What Robert Had To Say!

Hi Ken,

Just writing to let you know that after buying your e-book,
l was able to pick the greatest looking Corgi.

Ebook 'The Corgi Lovers Guide'

Henry (that's his name),

The other day l took Henry to the local park and then with the kids on the school run,
she was great and well behaved, l was so relieved.

Thanks Ken.

Robert, South Yorks - UK

48 inside secrets you’ll discover...

  • 5 ways to avoid and banish biting and snapping

  • 4 ways to prevent and banish barking quickly & effectively

  • 6 ways to prevent and banish carpet wetting

  • How to get lots more out of your dog by playing outdoor games he’ll love (and so will you).
    Automatic training that becomes second nature.

  • 19 of the most frequently asked Corgi questions answered that your puppy will benefit from

  • How to join in and improve your health with your Corgi puppies natural energy.

  • How they can really improve your health and keep you fit.

  • Your Corgi with children.

  • How easy to learn lessons train your puppy to know who's in charge from day one

  • Knowing you’ve chosen the right leash.

  • The best tools and toys for helping with discipline.

  • Training your Corgi Learn how to teach an old dog new tricks and retrain him,
    it will be like having a new puppy again, eager to please and play.

  • How to use 3 little simple tricks to bond faster with your puppy.

  • What your dog’s body language actually means from these postures.

  • How to control jumping on you and on strangers

  • 9 new tricks you can teach your dog even if he’s no longer a puppy.

  • 5 of the most loved and popular games for your dog

  • Foods that you simply mustn’t let your dog have

  • How to reduce separation anxiety when your dog is left alone.

there's so much - much more!

Wow! That's a bunch of great, fun, insightful and USEFUL information about Corgi Puppies.

And the great part is that we just scratched the surface of what you discover in The Corgi Lovers Guide.
If you love Corgi's you'll want to see your puppy buzzing around your home, happy confident,
relaxed, healthy, trained and at ease with your family, you must get this brand new one-of-a-kind book!

And what's really great is that...

When you Order [within 24 Hrs] You Can Be Reading the
'The Corgi Lovers Guide' in the comfort of your own home!

What's really exciting is that The Corgi Lovers Guide secrets revealed is a book you can instantly read on your computer.
As soon as you place your secure order, you'll have instant access to it.

You won't have to wait weeks for for the mailman to show up... and you won't have to pay for shipping!

You can read it on the screen or print it out, [or both!] whatever you prefer!

All of the Corgi tips, hints, facts, and secrets are revealed in plain English... it's easy to follow and fun to read.
It's truly one-of-a-kind info you won't find in general books store.

And at $27.77 US, you'll soon agree that this is a great bargain.

Having a happy, healthy, well behaved Corgi Puppy around your home as part of your family is priceless!

And that's just what you'll have when you put The Corgi Lovers Guide to work for you.
This ground breaking guide is the result of years of research and it's packed with pages of pure dynamite and fun!

The Corgi Lovers Guide is normally priced at $37.77
but as part of our introductory internet offer, you can get it for only $27.77 US.

That's $10 off the regular price!

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But it gets even better:

I am so positive that you'll love this one-of-a-kind 'must have' book, (and l'm sure you folks will think l am crazy for doing this),
but l wanted to make sure that you are over the moon with your purchase.

So, l have included a surprise bonus e-book for you.

Here's your free bonus e-book The Corgi Lovers Training Guide, reviewed and updated, a special Corgi Training Guide,
71 jam packed pages with even more hints tips and tried and trusted training methods that will delight you.

This book sells easily on it's own at $30 on another website, it's yours free today when you order The Corgi Lovers Guide,
that's two books for the price of one
, a whopping $70 dollars value for the discounted price of $27.77 US, a $40 saving.

Your choice of your puppy is for life

Our guarantee is peace of mind.

You have a full 30 days to read and apply the 48 inside secrets revealed in 'The Corgi Lovers Guide'.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the improvement of your puppy we guarantee you your money back, no questions asked.

'The Corgi Lovers Guide' is a must have book that belongs in every Corgi owners Library

We at Think Freely Publishing had so much fun researching and interviewing over 100 Breeders, experts and owners including ourselves,
we are 100% confident that you will quickly be able to use 'The Corgi Lovers Guide' to select and train the puppy of your choice.

It allows you to have fun and apply the step by step training techniques that will delight and astound you as you see a big change in your puppies behaviour in days.

The Corgi Lovers Guide and it's companion, The Corgi Lovers Training Guide, can be yours in next to no time,
and you get both for the price of only $27.77 US, order it today, ensure your copy!

Absolutely Crazy!
Our Gift to you because we are crazy about Corgi's

'The Corgi Lovers Guide Team'

P.S. This book is an electronic download so you can start enjoying the contents - today!

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Afghan - Beagle - Bearded Collie - Border Collie - Boxer - Corgi - Dalmatian

German Shepherd - Irish Setter - Jack Russell - Labrador Retriever

Old English Sheepdog - Poodle - Rottweiler - Yorkshire Terrier & The Ferret


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