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Affiliate Diamond - Increase Your Commissions The Easy Way ...

Increase Your Commissions The Easy Way ...

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Dear Friend,

I'd like to tell you about a new solution to a serious problem that affects affiliate marketers.

You may not be aware of this problem, but if you promote any affiliate program, it is almost certainly costing you a substantial proportion of your commissions. The problem arises when instead of simply clicking on your affiliate link, a customer copies the link into the Address field at the top of their browser and modifies the link before using it.

This modification comes in two forms,
referred to as chopped links & stolen commissions.

To illustrate

To illustrate this, take a look at this typical affiliate link:
This link is for a web site "" and an affiliate ID of 1234. This link is for a web site "" and an affiliate ID of 1234.

The Chopped Link

For no good reason, other than simply to stop you getting commission, a surprisingly large number of people will chop off the affiliate part of this link before using it, leaving just

The Stolen Commission

Some people will sign up to the affiliate program themselves, then change the 1234 to their own affiliate ID before buying the product. The result is that YOUR commission gets paid into THEIR account. This is common for products sold with high levels of commission, such as most ebooks and software.

In both these cases,
you lose a commission that should rightfully be yours.

This problem frequently affects affiliate links included in emails sent to a mailing list, but also affects links embedded in web pages.

Research has shown that, depending on what you are promoting, this problem will typically cost you between 15% and 50% of your commissions, on every affiliate program you promote!

Solve This Problem the Quick and Easy Way!

Now, there is a quick and easy solution to this problem, a new software tool called Affiliate Diamond. With Affiliate Diamond, instead of sending customers directly to your affiliate link, you send them to a special web page on your own web site.

These special pages are called secure redirect pages (also sometimes referred to as cloaking pages) When your customer visits a secure redirect page, their browser will automatically load the affiliate link, without showing the link to your customer.

Take a look at this example to see how this works.

If your site is and you decide to call your redirect page "shop", Affiliate Diamond will create a redirect page for you with the following link address:

Notice that this looks just like the link for any other page on your web site.

When your customers click on this link to visit the Special Redirect Page, code inside the redirect page will automatically load the associated affiliate link. Don't worry how this works - all you need to do is choose a suitable name for your new redirect page and click a few buttons.

Affiliate Diamond will automatically build complete redirect pages for you ... and then automatically upload these pages onto your web site.

It will also put the complete link for the new redirect page onto the Windows clipboard, so you can paste this new link into your emails or web pages in place of the original affiliate link.

Affiliate Diamond makes it easy to protect every affiliate link you use, in just seconds.

High Grade Security For Your Peace Of Mind

Affiliate Diamond's secure redirect pages use a special trick which means that not only does the link look like its for a page on your web site, but your web site name will remain in the Address field at the top of their browser even when the browser is showing the web site for the affiliate link.

Most of your customers will not even know that they are viewing someone else's web site. They will just think the page is part of your web site. Even those customers clever enough to realise that you are using an affiliate link will be unable to get details of your affiliate link.

Affiliate Diamond's Secure Redirect Pages use Special Encoding which means even if customers try viewing the web page source code, the link still cannot be read.

Since the details of the affiliate link are completely hidden from customers, link chopping and commission theft become much more difficult. Only really determined and skilled customers will be able to work out how to bypass all this added security.

Attract More Customers Automatically!

Affiliate links such as the example used above are generally long and always contain the "?" character.
For example:

Links of this type are often used in spam. Tests have shown that many people will not click on long links containing the "?" character, due to this association with spam. When you use a redirect page, customers only see a simple link to your own web site:

Since this looks like a standard link to your own site, customers are more likely to trust the link and more likely to click on it.

Affiliate Diamond can actually increase the number of customers responding to your adverts.

Quick and Easy To Use - Software

Affiliate Diamond - Screen Shot!

To show you how easy it is to use Affiliate Diamond,
full instructions are given below:

1. Enter your web site name into the Your web site box.
(You only need to enter this once as it is stored).
If you plan to keep your redirect pages in a folder on your site, include the folder name.
Or if your redirect pages will be in the "links" folder:

2. Enter the affiliate link in the Affiliate link box.
You can use the
Paste button to paste from the Windows clipboard into this box.

3. Choose the Type of page using the drop-down selection.
This is usually secure redirect page (see below for details of the other page types supported).

4. Click the Create button then select where to save the new redirect page on your PC.
The complete new redirect page will be created and saved onto your PC.

The new link will be put onto the Windows clipboard automatically. Now you can use your usual editor to update all the emails or web pages where you were using the affiliate link. Simply paste from the Windows clipboard, replacing the affiliate link with the new link.

5. When you have finished creating redirect pages, simply click one button and all the newly created redirect pages will be uploaded to your web site automatically.

Advanced Features and Comprehensive Help

Although the secure redirect pages described above are the most useful, there are 3 other types of redirect page commonly used on the Internet. When you have become more experienced with redirect pages, you may also want to use "meta-tag" - "Javascript" and "PHP" Redirect Pages.

Affiliate Diamonds comprehensive help not only shows you the very simple steps needed to use the software, but also includes details of each type of redirect page - and how to create them automatically.

To recap:

Here's a quick summary of all the advanced features offered by this software ...

  • Creates complete, ready to use redirect pages automatically

  • Can create highly secure, fully encoded redirect pages for maximum protection

  • For more advanced users, it can create meta-tag, script and php redirect pages

  • Automatically constructs the link address of the redirect pages for you

  • Automatically uploads the redirect pages onto your web site

  • Remembers all your details automatically

  • Provides an easy to use solution with comprehensive help

Full Master Resale Rights Included Free!

  • Affiliate Diamond comes complete with master resell rights.
  • You can sell Affiliate Diamond yourself and keep all the money.
  • Just make one sale and you can recover your investment.
  • Affiliate Diamond comes complete with a copy of this mini site to help you distribute it.

Disclaimer: The effects of using redirect pages vary according to the nature of the affiliate program concerned and the methods used to promote them. Test and research results quoted on this page are generalised.

Although almost all affiliate marketers see improved commissions from using redirect pages, AX Gold Software Limited makes no guarantees relating to the effect on your commissions of using redirect pages created by Affiliate Diamond.

AX Gold Software Limited makes no guarantees relating to your income from selling Affiliate Diamond to others.

Affiliate Diamond is for use on all versions of Microsoft Windows.

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